Our data scientists teaching at La Sapienza

Published on Thursday, 24 October 2019

The “Data Science for Businesstraining camp held by Enel’s Global Digital Solutions (GDS) and People&Organization divisions in collaboration with Rome’s Sapienza University is an initiative created by our Group to support the university in the evolving employment market and to train up-and-coming professionals.  

Being a “data driven” company is a competitive asset and data scientists are assuming an increasingly important role, the result of their ability to interpret large amounts of information and support the development of a data-based business strategy.  

For this reason our Group has set up a skills centre with young data scientists who have gained experience in applying data studies and modelling to contexts in which the Enel Group operates. We have chosen to share this know-how outside the company through training projects like the “Data Science for Business” training.

The course, which involved thirty Italian and foreign first and second year Data Science Master’s students, began in September and ended on 2 October.
Some of our GDS experts also participated as lecturers – seven data scientists took the podium for seven lectures, including sessions on data architecture, analysis methods and “agile” methodology together with two colleagues from the Agile Transformation Office.

The students also took part in practical laboratories. Having been split into workgroups, during the final session they presented the projects they had developed using their newly acquired skills in applying data science to various work settings, from renewable energies and grids to Enel X home automation services, marketing and communications.

The proposals were then examined by our data scientists and a People&Organization team, who then selected the most effective – a project that exploits data science by using an algorithm to assess the quality of our company’s event sponsoring initiatives and the returns these generate. This idea was chosen because it uses the integrated analysis of various communications channels to provide a complete instrument for evaluating the effectiveness of sponsorship in terms of “sentiment analysis”, i.e. people’s reactions.  

The students’ enthusiastic response to the initiative means that the collaboration with Sapienza University will continue with more of these training camps for the Masters in Data Science course. 

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