Diversity is our identity

Published on Friday, 26 June 2020

Diversity is all around, enriching and improving us. For this reason our Group has decided to join Parks – Liberi e Uguali, a non-profit association that promotes the values of inclusion and non discrimination and defends the rights of LGBT+ minorities.

“The collaboration with Parks will help us to emphasise our values of openness, respect for diversity and inclusion, which are part of our Group’s culture and DNA”, explains Lea Tarchioni, Head of People & Organisation Italy.

Founded in 2010 by Ivan Scalfarotto, the association is named after the American civil rights movement activist Rosa Parks. The African-American woman’s refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955, indeed, made her an icon and eventually led to the abolition of all racial segregation in the United States.

Parks - Liberi e Uguali, which currently includes over 70 companies, is focused in particular on valuing diversity and eliminating discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. On this front, it provides its member companies with training courses and awareness raising initiatives specifically designed for them. The central message, however, is the same for everyone and is simple yet powerful: valuing diversity and encouraging inclusion are not only obvious moral values, but also opportunities in terms of business sustainability. For example, they help improve the work environment, bring out the true value of talented people and make companies more attractive to the outside world.

“We believe that promoting inclusion, fighting against all types of discrimination – including those based on sexual orientation and gender identity – and valuing diversity are crucial elements in our strategy for sustainability and Open Power”, announced Filippo Nicolo’ Rodriguez, Head of Sustainability Italy. “For us, the collaboration with Parks”, he continued, “is an important step towards recognising and promoting the value of diversity, intended not only as respect for others but also as a continuous process of enrichment and improvement”.

Parks supports its member companies in creating inclusive working environments, and helps them to implement internal regulations, raise awareness and develop an open culture when it comes to diversity in general, and to sexual orientation and gender identity in particular.

“We are proud that Enel wanted to continue on its journey of LGBT+ inclusion, joining our network of companies and institutions that, in addition to being the best possible employers for their own staff, also represent important agents of social change”, stated Igor Suran, Executive Director of Parks. “We will work together to ensure that this concrete commitment to the issue, as well as the values of inclusion and diversity that have always been a part of Enel’s corporate culture, continue to grow stronger and stronger, for everyone’s benefit”.

In order to encourage dialogue, Parks has created the Parks LGBT Diversity Index to measure how well companies are achieving their diversity and inclusion goals: the progressive improvement of these results confirms the impact of the organisation’s activities.

For a Group like ours, which for some time has prided itself on its attention and commitment to these issues, joining Parks was a natural step to take. In 2015, we implemented a Diversity and Inclusion Policy to uphold these values, which are some of the parameters we use to measure the goals set in our Sustainability Plan. This formal commitment has been followed by a series of tangible actions such as tutoring programmes to value diversity, annual events such as Diversity & Inclusion Days, initiatives to support parenting and gender equality, and the adoption of innovative technologies to improve communication with people with disabilities.

“Our Group is by no means starting from scratch when it comes to this issue”, explains Raffaella Poggi d’Angelo, Head of People Care and Diversity Italy. “The collaboration with Parks is an extra boost that drives us further along the pathway towards sustainability and inclusion, and will enable us to share experiences with the other companies that are already members”.

Respect for others is an achievement that enriches all of us, and defies any limit.”

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