#IFattiContano (Facts Matter)

Our initiatives for people and for the country’s growth


Do Facts Matter? Yes, because the energy transition is not just a commitment for the future, but a concrete process that is already underway, to which we contribute as a Group with tangible actions.

Decarbonization, renewables, electrification, digitalization, and a person-centered approach: these are the pillars of our strategy. We are working to create an energy transition that is fair for everyone, with the certainty that sustainability is not just one option among others, but the only path we can take to craft the present and the future of energy.

And since the way we use, consume, and produce energy has a more concrete reflection than ever, both on people’s everyday lives and on the preservation of the ecosystem, then the impact that the choice of decarbonization has on all of our lives must be just as concrete, because Facts Matter.

"Energy is an essential good and as such needs to be protected by reducing waste, maximizing the efficiency of its use, and making it accessible to all. For our Group, the energy transition means reconciling safeguarding the environment with economic viability. This is not a wish but a tangible reality, as is demonstrated by those who, like us, have made this choice a central part of their commitment for the country."

Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy

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We are global leaders in the production of renewable energy with Enel Green Power: with our installed renewable capacity of 14,600 MW coming from over 600 wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal plants all over Italy, we are guiding the transition to a carbon-free society thanks to increasingly sustainable energy.

In 2022, our Group has already produced 7.506 billion kWh of zero-emission energy, which corresponds to the daily needs of over 2.5 million families and to around 3.2 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided.


People have always been our Energy: the challenge posed by the energy transition, along with the digital transition, cannot be separated from the “human transition”.

For us, attention and care also mean constantly developing skills and talent. In 2021, we provided around 1,400,000 hours of training that addressed everyone’s needs in a targeted way.

We have been increasingly focusing on inclusion, well-being, and work-life harmony: of the 30,992 people who work with us, around 17,000 are now working remotely; we also offer a structured system of corporate welfare with well-being services (e.g., nutritionist, babysitting, sustainable mobility, psychological support, parenting support) and initiatives to foster inclusion (e.g., university courses for over-50s, disability projects, awareness-raising activities regarding gender, orientation, and multiculturalism).

We support gender equality by promoting the presence of women in technical-scientific (STEM) fields: around 65% of the women hired in 2021 have a STEM degree. We are committed to reaching at least 50% of women in selection processes.


We are close to the 15.5 million clients who to date have chosen Enel Energia as their energy and gas provider for the free market.

Our range of offers is aimed at the business sector, small and medium-sized companies, and consumers, with solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Our customers have many ways to get in touch with us: our toll-free number 800.900.860 available in Italy every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Sunday (except on national holidays); our social media channels that are available 24/7 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger); our website enel.it; our dedicated app; and a network of around 1,200 direct and indirect stores all over the country. Our top commercial offer, Scegli Oggi (lit. “Choose Today”) was voted by consumers as the best product in the energy sector for 2022: a sign of recognition that confirms our reliability for our clients, a value that along with transparency and trust makes up our founding pillars.

Our commitment is translated into concrete actions for the growth of the entire country system. We launched the program Energie per Crescere (“Energies for Growth”) with ELIS to train 5,500 new specialized resources by 2023 who can then be hired by our partner companies to manage the networks of the future.

The project is a real bridge between training and the job market: just a few months after kicking off, it has received over 4,500 applications and has already trained 953 people.

Competitiveness, transparency, and innovation are our milestones. We pay attention to the sector’s entire ecosystem and to the involvement of every link in the value chain, as proven also by the Supplier Development Program, which offers a path to sustainable growth to our vendors through development initiatives and access to services with favorable terms; 1,805 suppliers have already joined the program. Growth and resilience, economic consolidation, sustainability, digitalization, and electrification: these are the main objectives of the Program, which is mainly intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

Infrastructure and Networks

Italy’s power grid extends across 1.16 million kilometers and has around 450,000 medium and low voltage substations, of which over 150,000 are remote-controlled. To support the growth of renewables, the network is constantly evolving and offers increasingly smart and digital services: this year we already worked on upgrading and developing 5,393 kilometers of new infrastructure, as well as 1,623 million “open meters,” which brings the total number of next-generation meters already installed to 26.35 million. The energy of the future depends on an increasingly smart infrastructure that sees people as the leading actors of change: 1,012,631 private production facilities are already connected to the grid, and we have received 114,000 new requests since the beginning of 2022. Families and businesses are therefore playing an active part in the production of clean energy, heading towards an energy supply model that is more and more sustainable, and generating positive impacts for the country.

Efficient solutions

People, with their habits and their concerns for the environment, are at the center of change: starting from their homes all the way to their cities’ ecosystems, Enel X offers them all solutions that accompany them on their path towards sustainability and emissions reduction.

Heat pumps represent one of the fundamental drivers in the process of electrifying domestic consumption. They make it possible to improve energy efficiency with both economic benefits (given the same energy needs, the operating costs of a heat pump are generally 45% lower than those of a condensing boiler) as well as environmental benefits (251 kilos of CO2 emissions saved per year by an air source heat pump unit). Our objective is to accelerate the process of electrification of consumption and energy efficiency by progressively switching to more efficient solutions like heat pumps.

We shed a new light on the 3,000 towns that we support to transform urban lighting into a smart and multifunctional infrastructure that is highly efficient and provides excellent energy savings.

We want to make our experience, professionalism, and territorial coverage available to the public sector to plan infrastructure and services, suggesting the most suitable path for cities that are safer and more modern and circular.

These are virtuous paths that cut energy consumption by up to 80%, lowering emissions and light pollution. Digitalization can guarantee even greater efficiency thanks to our platform, which can be used to remotely manage and monitor in real-time.

Electric mobility

We are leading the country towards a new concept of mobility that is increasingly sustainable, widespread, and available to everyone thanks to innovative services and advanced infrastructure.

We enable the desire for mobility of people and businesses with Enel X Way: a charging infrastructure made of over 23,000 private charging devices and over 15,500 public charging stations, which range from Quick (22 kW) to UltraFast (350 kW).

We are present for all the charging situations and needs of those who move around with electric vehicles: at home, along the road, at destination, with a physical and digital platform, and products and services that are smart and interconnected.

We encourage an open system where everyone can recharge everywhere. That is why we have over twenty interoperability agreements and why we foster partnerships with companies and partners offering them an increasingly active role in the development of this market.

Country Italy data last updated in June 2022

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