Futur-e arrives at Rossano

Published on Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Presentation of the project at the Calabrian town in the Cosenza province.
The process aimed to seek innovative and sustainable proposals for the plant’s industrial site’s purchase and redevelopment is being launched.
Futur-e arrives at Rossano (Cosenza). The project is presented today, Friday, March 4, at the plant’s conference room, by Enrico Viale, Head of Global Generation at Enel, the president of the Calabria Region, Mario Oliverio and Luigino Filice, pro rector of the University of Calabria, together with Natale Mazzuca , President Unindustria Calabria.

Today's event in the Calabrian town aims at launching a path to find innovative and sustainable proposals to purchase and redevelop the plant’s  industrial site. All interested parties having the prescribed requirements can apply from March 22 to 11 April on the www.futur-e.enel.it platform.

The projects will be evaluated by a technical commission that will verify the suitability of the presented solutions for the area’s redevelopment and enhancement, with particular attention to  opportunities and needs of the local communities, already involved also following a plan of initiatives aimed at listening to local needs and ideas.

Futur-e (www.futur-e.enel.it) is aware that the way of producing electricity has changed and involves 21 plants that have helped to form Italian history but have been made obsolete or no longer competitive by the new energy scenario.

The appointment at Rossano is part of a series of initiatives that has already seen the creation of the International Contest of Alessandriaand the laboratory of ideas at Pietrafitta. We firmly believe that the plants involved in the Futur-e project represent an industrial heritage that can be exploited in new ways to continue contributing to the growth and development of the areas where they are located.

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