Carpi and Camerata Picena plants to be sold

Published on Monday, 17 October 2016

Enel has entrusted a working group with the procedure. The team of experts in charge is coordinated by Nomisma and formed by Gabetti Agency, Crif Spa, Studio Legale Immobiliare ErreLegal and lsrael Terrenghi.
A new phase for the Carpi (Modena) and Camerata Picena (Ancona) plants involved in the Futur-e project. Enel has entrusted a special working group with the task of placing on the market the two plants to identify parties that are interested in purchasing the two sites and their redevelopment.
The working group set up by Enel is coordinated by Nomisma and formed by Gabetti AgencyCrif Spa, the ErreLegal real estate firm and the lsrael-Terrenghi notary firm. The sales process is managed by means of an independent competitive process for each of the two power plants and aims to broaden the involvement of local players with the aim of creating a sustainable and innovative local redevelopment.

The Carpi plant (Modena) covers an area of ​​about 76,000 square meters and is located in Fossoli, along the State Road 413 that connects Modena with Mantova. This area is greatly specialised in the textile and clothing industries, to the point that it’s one of the most important industrial districts and the main production centre in the region in this sector. Other cornerstones of the production system are the food, mechanical, woodworking machinery, electronics, automation and plastics industries. In the vicinity are also found businesses for the storage of inert materials, production of compost from organic waste, recovery of materials from waste and other related activities, so that the surrounding area is a real "recovery district."

The Camerata Picena (Ancona) plant is located in Le Piane, near the Esino river, and covers an area of ​​about 186,000 square metres. The area is located within the integrated system made up of the port, the inland port and he airport, forming the logistics platform of the Marche region, within the Ionian Adriatic intermodal corridor: the plant is located 16.6 kilometres from the port of Ancona, 10 km from  the inland port and 4 km from the airport of Falconara. The region’s leading sectors are textiles and clothing, leather products, electronics and mechanics. The strategic location makes the area ideal for multi-sector logistics and exports concentrated on specific  international geographic areas, mainly in the EU. 

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