Futur-e’s XXL ideas at the Architecture Festival in Asti

Published on Monday, 17 October 2016

The Xtreme Xperience Land project, which won the contest for the redevelopment of Enel’s Alessandria plant, starring at the ASTI FEST 2016 on "urban re-generation".
The city I would like is XXL. In fact, at the centre of the Asti FEST 2016 on "urban re-generation" is the Xtreme Xperience Land (XXL) project,  winner of the international contest of ideas promoted by Futur-e to identify proposals for the redevelopment of the Enel Alessandria plant.

ASTI FEST, inaugurated in the Piedmont capital on May 1 and scheduled until Friday, May 27, turns the name of Turin into an acronym for Architecture, Development, Territory, Innovation. And the XXL project was chosen to narrate an example of re-generation and re-use of urban infrastructure capable of conceiving a venture that combine architectural quality, economic and environmental sustainability, improvement of social conditions of the population.

Xtreme Xperience Land (XXL) is a project involving the construction of a theme park for extreme sports divided into 5 thematic areas (water, land, air, energy, nature). The two former tanks are now used respectively for indoor hikes (land area) and scuba diving/dives from high above (water area); outside, one is surrounded by areas for skating/BMX, roller-skating and parkour, the other  by areas for surf/wake board activities. In the air area a parachuting simulator is installed, and various activities are organised to take place, such as bungee jumping, base fly and vertical running. In the energy area, gas turbine groups, fireplaces and the crane form the environment for an adventure park; a large green area is also dedicated to different sports activities (nature area).

At the site a single new, "building-path" is installed, which winds up through the area, while also offering interesting views at an altitude of the tanks, from which the ongoing activities can be observed. The building contains locker rooms, a medical room, a food court, specialty shops and an auditorium, for training and team building, activities that can also be carried out inside the park.

XXL was awarded a prize because of its excellence according to all the evaluation criteria. In particular the design quality is top-level and the concept is innovative both in terms of architecture and management. In fact, the idea enhances the industrial identity of the power plant and keeps the historical memory of the site, by reusing many existing structures for sports activities, integrating them adequately into the project. The idea is based on a interesting and potentially profitable business model, with positive externalities, the ability to attract the attention towards the territory and employment implications for Alessandria and the surrounding areas, focusing especially on young people.

The team that created XXL , formed by RECCHIENGINEERING SRL, Frigerio Design Group, Ing. Livio Dezzani, Arch. Stefano Ponzano, Ing. Ermanno Maritano, also proposed an interesting and potentially profitable business model, with positive externalities, the ability to attract to the area and employment benefits for Alessandria and the surrounding areas, particularly focused on young people.

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