Futur-e: "work in progress" in the whole of Italy

Published on Monday, 17 October 2016

A full calendar of events at the regional level throughout the month of June. Porto Tolle in Bari, from La Spezia to Rossano the dialogue with business, civil society institutions and investors continues, to give a new future to the sites that host plants.
From Bari to Milan from Rossano in Calabria to Porto Tolle in Veneto: the calendar of events to revitalise the 21 Enel plants involved in the Futur-e project is thick and runs throughout Italy involving, in fact, all the areas that host the no longer productive sites that are to be redeveloped.

Technical tables, visits to the plants, workshops, meetings with businesses and local governments are taking place all through  the month of June, thus continuing the dialogue and listening course that has characterised the entire project since the beginning and has become robust first with the international contest of ideas for the Alessandria plant, then with the redevelopment and purchase procedures and the sale of other sites in the north and south of Italy.

Between late May and early June BariTermini ImereseLa SpeziaRossanoMontalto di Castro and Porto Tolle have hosted many meetings. The various events were attended by different local organisations to analyse issues that are already part of the open dialogue or verify potential uses of the sites. On these occasions Enel met business groups, federations, representatives of municipalities and regions, representatives of universities and local stakeholders, to follow up the ongoing dialogue that has always characterised Futur-e.

The calendar of events planned for the rest of June includes, among other things, the meeting sponsored by the Association of Venice and Rovigo industrialists to present to the ongoing procedure for the purchase and redevelopment of the Porto Tolle site to entrepreneurs and investors (Friday, June 10) and an Open Day with a visit to the plant itself open to local businesses and investors, promoted together with Confindustria Ravenna (Thursday, June 23).

Universities and higher education establishments are also at the centre of the events regarding Futur-e in this early summer. The involvement of Italian universities relates to another aspect of the project that is becoming increasingly important, to the point that it has become a case study, even at the international level.

The innovative and participatory ways in which Futur-e searches for new uses for the industrial assets to be redeveloped will actually be at the centre of get-togethers with students, graduates and professors from different high excellence Italian universities, like the Alta Scuola Politecnica.
Additionally, Futur-e is increasingly opening up to the international scene: on June 21 in Milan, at the Power-Gen Europe 2016 & Renewable Energy World, Enel’s Head of Global Thermal Generation Enrico Viale will present the project to companies in the sector and international stakeholders during the Opening Keynote Session on "Delivering an Integrated Energy Future".

Afterwards, on June 30 in London, the first of a series of road shows aimed at promoting the project’s international visibility in the countries having the greatest established economic relations with Italy will kick off.

In particular, the meeting in London will address the economic-financial and industrial community of Europe’s major financial centre, and will focus on redevelopment opportunities for all the sites involved in the Futur-e project.

The event is organised with the approval of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has firmly endorsed the Project’s spirit, methods and objectives.

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