Enel’s Rossano plant: the future underway

Published on Monday, 17 October 2016

The pre-qualification phase for the purchase and reuse of the plant in the province of Cosenza, in Italy, was successfully completed. Many proposals were submitted by local and foreign companies.
“Well begun is half done”. This saying can apply to the ongoing success of the requalification process regarding Enel’s Rossano plant in Cosenza, Italy.

On July 15 the pre-qualification for the contest of projects for the sale and reuse of the area was completed, and the events that have taken place so far are a highly positive sign for the future of the plant in the region of Calabria.

Various proposals were sent regarding projects with various solutions for the upgrading  and reuse of the area overlooking the Ionic coast. The ideas submitted in this first phase of the public procedure, launched by Enel in March, range from the creation of centres to receive and promote tourism to high-level facilities for scientific research such as biotechnology and energy storage, also including ideas connected with the valorisation and production of the local food and wine  industry. The proposals were submitted by various local companies and a number of foreign businesses.
The ongoing procedure for the Rossano plant is an example of the model applied by Enel to identify new uses for the facilities of the Futur-e project. In fact, the whole project is based on an open and innovative approach that encourages searching for sustainable solutions supporting local development and the creation of shared value for local areas.

Just like for the plant in Calabria, also for the ones in Porto Tolle (Rovigo, Veneto) and Montalto di Castro (Viterbo, Lazio) a public procedure was launched aimed to identify suitable purchasers and projects for the upgrading of the areas currently occupied by the plants. 

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