Futur-e, the Metamorphosis of the Territory

Published on Thursday, 10 November 2016

A new form of urbanism that focuses on the creation of smart cities through the regeneration and transformation of suburbs and outskirts, social housing projects, and a sustainable energy production plan launched at a European level. These are the various issues that all converge into the single main theme at the heart of Urbanpromo 2016, an event organised by the National Institute of Urban Planning (INU) and by Urbi in Milan from November 8 to 11. The annual event, which is now in its thirteenth edition, focuses on redeveloping the necessary instruments and priorities for urban planning and land management.

The programme of events (with conferences ranging from regeneration 4.0 and energy efficiency to urban plans and strategies to adapt to climate change), will include Futur-e, a project launched by Enel to give a new future to the 23 Italian thermal power plants that are no longer productive, for a total of 13 GW of installed capacity. The project’s innovative, inclusive and transparent approach is based on the three pillars of sustainability. The first is social sustainability, which focuses on creating shared value with the territory, thanks to the creation of jobs and growth opportunities for the community as a whole. The second is environmental sustainability, which aims to reuse materials, reduce CO2 emissions and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy system. The final pillar is economic sustainability, which aims to develop new businesses and therefore new opportunities for entrepreneurs and local stakeholders.

The process of establishing the new use of each of the 21 power plants together with the communities, was launched months ago, after the sale of the Porto Marghera facility in the Veneto region and the upgrading of the Assemini plant in Sardinia. Among the most innovative solutions was an international idea competition, launched to gather redevelopment proposals for the Alessandria plant (in the Piedmont region), and which involved more than 200 participants from eight Countries. Other competitions are being held for Montalto di Castro (Lazio region), Porto Tolle (Veneto region), Rossano (Calabria region) and Trino Vercellese (Piedmont region), whose procedure was launched in early October. A workshop was also launched in Pietrafitta (Umbria region) to gather ideas for a new territorial project that the electric company intends to carry out with the community and local institutions.

Futur-e is a true circular economy plan: an unprecedented project not only in Italy, but in the global utility industry as a whole. Tons of steel will be transformed, by converting an outdated production facility, leading to an incredible recycling potential that generates a series of linked activities throughout the territory.

In other words, Futur-e represents a continuous metamorphosis: one that invests in services for customers, digital interaction with Enel and more importantly, its presence within the territory.

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