Four proposals to 'build the future' of the Montalto di Castro plant

Published on Thursday, 9 February 2017

The process that sees Enel engaged together with the local institutions in identifying proposals agreed upon with the local bodies for the future of the ‘Alessandro Volta’ plant continues. On February 3, the second phase of the Project contest launched in May 2016 was completed, collecting four proposed projects and the related binding financial offers.  

Italian entrepreneurial and professional organisations, from Italy and abroad, proposed ideas to "build the future" of the area. The four proposals share the intention to make the most of the existing facilities, covering them with entirely new features based on sustainability.

The future of the Alessandro Volta site will therefore develop in agri-food, tourism/hospitality and cultural areas, with ideas ranging from cultivations off the ground and with an innovative approach to the creation of training and conference centres, with proposals aimed to create value for the area surrounding the plant.
Project proposals will now be assessed with the support of the Milan Polytechnic and will then be submitted to the Selection Committee, formed by Enel, PoliMi, universities and local institutions.
The Alessandro Volta facility is one of 23 no longer competitive thermal power plants regarding whose future Enel has started a broad reflection aimed to identify sustainable and shared solutions within the Futur-e project, launched in April 2015.

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