Genoa Plant, Enel confirms that it is not producing

Published on Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Genoa plant is currently not operating and it could start doing so again only if a real necessity should arise and the network operator should require it. The plant is therefore not producing energy and Enel is offering alternative solutions through other business units to deal with the possible necessity for Genoa to operate. The temporary postponement of the final stop to operations required by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development - due to the detention of a number of French nuclear power plants and the weather conditions - does not affect in any way Enel's strategy, which has scheduled its decommissioning in the short term.

In fact, the Genoa coal plant is one of the no longer competitive thermal power plants for which Enel has launched the Futur-e project, in order to identify sustainable and participated solutions that can enhance the sites by providing a usage that differs from energy production, while protecting the environment and safeguarding employment. In fact, Enel confirms that all employees working at the plants have been relocated within the company.

The Ministry of Economic Development, replying to Enel’s request to be authorised to the stoppage of operations at the Genoa plant, has requested that the plant should remain temporarily available for the next few months, until the end of the potential demand.

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