Enel Futur-e La Spezia: area study assigned to Enea

Published on Monday, 13 March 2017

Enel has commissioned Enea to conduct a preparatory study prior to the launch of the Futur-e project regarding the area of ​​the "Eugenio Montale" plant at La Spezia. The agreement, recently presented at the Municipality of La Spezia headquarters, with the participation of Mayor Massimo Federici, deputy mayor Cristiano Ruggia and councilor to environmental sustainability and economic development Laura Ruocco, is aimed at assessing the potential development sectors in the areas that will become available once the plant will have ended its role in Italy’s energy system.

The study, which will take about a year, is part of the Futur-e project, launched by Enel to give new life to 23 plant sites. In fact, the project considers it essential to ensure that stakeholders are involved and their opinions are considered within the redevelopment process. On March 7, speaking at ‘#LaSpeziacittàdidomani, Local Value in the Global Challenge’ a public assembly of Confindustria, Enel Produzione President Giuseppe Molina pointed out that "the agreement with a qualified partner like Enea, who deeply understands the context of the plant, allows - in the case of La Spezia - to start in advance the analysis and study of the area required for the sites included in Futur-e."
The study will cover the socio-economic analysis of the context and the identification of possible conversion scenarios for the area, evaluating those that can ensure sustainable development in economic, social and environmental terms, also based on the principles of ‘circular economy.’

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