Montalto di Castro, commission works kickoff for Futur-e contest

Published on Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Enel’s virtuous path to identify, together with local institutions, shared proposals for the future of the "Alessandro Volta" plant site has officially started. In May 2016, Enel launched a "Project contest" for the site, which resulted in the four Project Proposals submitted by businesses and professionals at the national level, who applied to "build the future" of the area.
The projects are now under review by the Selection Committee, composed of representatives of the Lazio Region, Province of Viterbo, the City of Montalto di Castro, Enel, Milan Polytechnic and University of Tuscia, that Monday, March 13, formally kicked off activities at the plant. The Commission's assessment is a key step in the path of the Project Contest. In fact, technicians, and institutions are called to select the suitability of the four proposals with respect to the area that will host them, according to quality criteria, degree of innovation and environmental, economic and social sustainability, circular economy principles, with particular attention to environmental protection and employment safeguard. These are the guidelines that will lead to the selection of projects that will be admitted to the final stage.
The Alessandro Volta plant is one of 23 no longer competitive thermal power plants regarding whose future Enel has started a broad reflection in order to identify sustainable and shared solutions within the Futur-e project, launched in April 2015. Futur-e was recently presented at the Whitney Museum of American Arts in New York within the "Conversations - New Terrain" panel, organised under the auspices of the American Academy of Rome and in collaboration with Enel Foundation, as a virtuous example of circular economy. The session, dedicated to projects and ideas related to the complex interplay between natural systems and man-created architectures, with a focus on redevelopment of industrial scenarios in urban and rural environments, was attended by international landscape architecture and urban design experts.

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