Sustainability and Innovation: Futur-e project arrives in New York

Published on Friday, 10 March 2017

Rome, March 9, 2017 - The Futur-e project lands in New York. On March 2, at the Whitney Museum of American Arts, Enel’s Head of Business Development Europe Global Thermal Generation Marco Fragale spoke in the panel "Conversations - New Terrain" , organised under the auspices of the American Academy of Rome and in collaboration with Enel Foundation, to present the circular economy project for the redevelopment of 23 no longer competitive plants.

The session focussed on projects and ideas regarding the complex interweave between natural systems and man-created architecture. Particular emphasis was placed on the redevelopment of industrial landscapes in cities and rural environments, was attended by international landscape architecture and urban design experts.

Futur-e is the only example in the world of a private company committed to leading a process of redevelopment regarding dozens of abandoned industrial sites, with different size and location context, making it a development opportunity for the area surrounding the plants and for Italy’s economy. The process of the redevelopment competition was presente, giving particular emphasis to the desire to achieve sustainable solutions from an economic, environmental and social point of view, and how the application of circular economy principles is hinged in the very essence of the project. Sharing with local institutions and their involvement are also key to the redevelopment process because it generates shared value at the local level.

The panel was attended by world experience architects such as Mary Margaret Jones, President and Senior Principal of Hargreaves Associates, Michael Manredi, Co-Founder of the Weiss/Manfredi firm, and Gregg PasquarelliI, Co-Founder of the sHoP Architects design studio, as well as members of American academic world, like Julia Czerniak, Professor and Associate Dean of Syracuse Architecture. Other attendants were leading exponents of the largest architectural and design firms of the Big Apple.

The event was also an opportunity to enable American companies and professionals to become familiar with the project. This was an important occasion, since the Futur-e contests for projects are open to participants from all over the world to grant a future to the areas around the plants, and that in the entire process of redevelopment Enel constantly communicates with professionals and international partners.


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