New life to 23 plants: Enel “lectures” at University of Tuscia

Published on Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Aula Magna of the University of Tuscia at Civitavecchia welcomed over a hundred students for a seminar on Futur-e: the programme launched by Enel to redevelop, together with local communities, 23 sites of thermal plants at that have ended or are ending their role in the national energy system.

The event held on Thursday, April 13, started with the greetings of the Rector Alessandro Ruggieri, the Economics and Business Department Director Stefano Ubertini and the Biological and Ecological Sciences Department Director Giuseppe Nascetti. Then, Futur-e Project Manager Giuseppe D'Orsi described the challenge launched by Enel to give new life to 23 industrial sites, turning their closure into development opportunities for the area, based on circular economy and sustainability principles.

In line with the open and crosscutting approach of the initiative launched by Enel, the event involved students from different fields of study, especially Economics and Environmental Sciences, all areas affected by Futur-e.

The students, interested in learning about the different aspects of the project, asked many questions, starting from the energy scenario that led to the gradual closure of several power plants and the details of how the redevelopment of a production site takes place in terms of operations. The lively debate also included the role of different energy sources, the process required to initiate the disposal of a plant and the procedures already launched by Enel for the 23 plants, which differ in size, technology and location.

The sites involved in the project also include the Alessandro Volta plant at Montalto di Castro, at the centre of a contest for international projects aimed at identifying tangible proposals for the future of the area. A process that has directly involved the University of Tuscia, which was part, along with representatives of Enel, local authorities and the Milan Polytechnic, of the Selection Committee called upon to assess the suitability of the projects submitted for the territory.


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