Montalto di Castro, three proposals selected for Enel's site

Published on Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Three projects have been selected for the redevelopment of Enel’s Montalto di Castro site, after the end of the suitability evaluation for the projects proposed with the aim of giving new life to the area. Therefore, the last phase of the “contest for projects” launched in May 2016 is about to start, leading to the final decision. The process launched by Enel to identify, innovative and sustainable solutions with the involvement of local institutions has seen the participation of national businesses, which submitted their proposals to build the future of the area. The proposals have been selected based on specific requirements in terms of quality, innovation and social, environmental and financial sustainability, as well as the application of circular economy principles.

The Selection Committee was composed of the Economic Planning Area Manager at the Lazio Region Giorgio Francesco Giuseppe Pugliese, representing President Nicola Zingaretti, the Mayor of Montalto di Castro Sergio Caci, and the President of the Province of Viterbo Mauro Mazzola, Antonio Leone from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Tuscia, representing Prof. Alessandro Ruggieri, Alessandro Balducci and Maria Antonella Pugliese from the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Milan Polytechnic, Marika Arena from the Department of Management Engineering of the Milan Polytechnic, representing Prof. Giovanni Azzone and, Enel executives Marco Fragale (Business Development Europe and Morocco Global Thermal Generation) and Fabrizio Iaccarino (Territorial Public Affairs Centre Italy). The Committee recently met to end the assessment, considering suitable three of the four submitted proposals.

The three ideas for the site integrate different uses, mainly touristic, for leisure and cultural, within the same site, enhancing the whole area and its different spaces.
An important phase of the site redevelopment process has been completed: the three selected projects will reach the finals stage of the procedure, in which the Economic Binding Offers will be opened, presented together with the projects and presently deposited with a notary, and negotiations will start with each proponent. The process leading to the final choice will be shared with local institutions, and the authorisation procedures for the site’s final project will involve public participation.

“Today a significant step is made towards the future of the Alessandro Volta site - Marco Fragale explained - In this late stage of the process we have assessed, together with universities and institutions, practical proposals that demonstrate how the sites that housed the plants can be revitalised, with projects based on sustainability and circular economy centered on the territory.”

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