No holidays for Futur-e

Published on Friday, 28 July 2017

The summer is now well underway, but Futur-e won’t go on vacation: the activities and the schedule of meetings are intense even over the next few weeks, in particular for the procedures underway for the six project competitions launched by Enel to give new life to just as many thermoelectric power plants.

The more advanced procedures are those for Montalto di Castro and Rossano: the assessments by the juries, composed of representatives from local institutions, academia and Enel have been completed and negotiations are now underway with the counterparts to have submitted the projects deemed eligible for the two areas.  

The negotiations will be completed only once the necessary in-depth assessments for each of the projects are completed, considering both the authorization procedures to implement them and the integration of the facilities already present on site, taking into due account the views expressed by the institutions representing the local communities during the jury meetings. The goal is to verify, in addition to the financial soundness of the bidders, the actual technical and economic feasibility of the projects, also identifying the best integration concept from among those submitted and the site.

As regards Porto Tolle and Trino, the juries have been set up and they met in the month of July to start the assessment of the projects received according to criteria of innovation, and sustainability, environmental and economic sustainability, in addition to the application of circular economy principles.

For Bastardo, the expression of interest phase has been completed, the documentation assessments are underway and the visits to the site will soon start: a path which will result in the submittal of the project proposals and binding economic bids.

As regards Bari, the deadline for the submittal of the non-binding expressions of interest, originally set on 20 July 2017, has been postponed to 28 September 2017, at 12 p.m. The procedure chosen to give new life to the plant and the Futur-e model were the protagonists on 14 July in Bari at the seminar “Upgrade of decommissioned industrial sites, between urban regeneration and social innovation,” organised by Enel, the Board of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of the province of Bari and Confindustria Bari/BAT.

Enel is also preparing calls for another two project competitions, which will be launched during the last quarter of the year.

Also for the sale of the Piombino site, where a sale procedure is in progress, Enel has decided to proceed with a preliminary assessment of the project proposals from potential buyers with a commission including local institutions, which has concluded its work in recent weeks. The procedure will soon enter its final phase, between September and October.

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