Three scenarios for the former Santa Barbara mine, the Futur-e project has truly kicked off

Published on Wednesday, 27 September 2017

There are three development scenarios for the redevelopment of the former mining area of ​​Santa Barbara (Arezzo), as part of the new procedure launched by Enel in June, inspired by the principles of the Futur-e model. The creation of a cycle-touristic park; of an agricultural and artistic park; of a research centre in the field of geology and innovative productive activities.

The options were at the center of the meeting at Cavriglia's Business Incubator, in Bomba, between over 70 representatives of institutions, entrepreneurial world, associations, companies, urbanists, experts and the academic world, called to analyse and develop the three possible scenarios.

The project has now really kicked off: since May 2017, the Milan Polytechnic carried out a first preliminary phase of analysis of the area and identification of the parties involved. Three major development scenarios were identified for the area: "Cycle-touristic Park" that would turn the area into a place of excellence and a reference point for holidays, sports, leisure, physical well-being, but also for experimentation in the field of sustainable mobility. "Agricultural and artistic park", with woods, cultivations, research activities and areas for art. Finally, "Research in the field of geology and innovative productive activities" would create a pole of excellence in the fields of geo-technics, geophysics and seismic studies, but also manufacturing excellence, collaborating with local universities and Incubator. Some proposals are common to all development scenarios, and can be mutually integrated: the creation of an energy museum, opening up to artistic events, enhancing local excellence, the creation of tourist areas and observation and enhancement of lakes for fishing and bathing.

A constant connection with local stakeholders

The transversal and multidisciplinary approach of the workshop, which has allowed to test, evaluate and enhance the scenarios that emerged directly with the surrounding areas and their representatives - based on studies on the economic and social context, urban plans and expectations of local communities - is a core element of Futur-e. In fact, the latter proposes a shared and transparent development model to open a new chapter in the very long history of industrial sites that are no longer suited to the country's energy and economic scenario.

The next appointment will be in October when, from 10 to 13, 70 young international researchers (50 from the Milan Polytechnic and 20 from the University of Florence) will spend a few days in Cavriglia to test and integrate the work that has been achieved. The outcome of the workshop will then define the areas that require action, which will be at the centre of the project competitions that will be launched by Enel in early 2018.

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