Futur-e, a circular economy case at Ecomondo

Published on Friday, 10 November 2017

Futur-e at the centre of Ecomondo, the green and circular economy fair of the Euro-Mediterranean area, scheduled from 7 to 10 November in Rimini, Italy. Within the panel on "Supply and Consumption of Raw Materials Based on Circular Economy", organised by ENEA, Edizioni Ambiente, Renewable Matter and CTS, Enel's project was presented by Project Manager Giuseppe D'Orsi, who narrated the innovative and sustainable method that the company chose to grant new life to 23 thermal power plant sites.

"Futur-e was set up and structured based on Creating Shared Value principles, encouraging the involvement of all stakeholders" - D'Orsi explained. "Enel chose a process that is a tangible example of circular economy, providing for the recovery of energy generation plants that can be converted into completely different uses, with the aim of creating opportunities for the development of the surrounding areas".

Enel's testimony highlighted the actual procedures undergoing several stages of progress: from already redeveloped sites, such as Porto Marghera and Assemini, to the project contests for Rossano, Montalto di Castro, Porto Tolle, Bastardo, Bari and Trino and the sales procedures involving, for instance, Livorno.

From a circular economy perspective, power plant sites are ideal candidates for new activities, considering their strategic positions and the presence of reusable assets both in terms of connections and of facilities and buildings.

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