Futur-e gives new life to the Campomarino turbo-gas power plant site

Published on Friday, 9 March 2018

Futur-e, Enel’s local development project, is now focusing on the former Campomarino turbo-gas power plant site. Campomarino is a coastal town in the central Italian region of Molise. The roadmap for the area was recently presented by Marco Fragale, Head of Futur-e, and Chiara Geroldi of the Department of Urban Planning at the Milan Polytechnic (a technical partner in the project) - to the town’s mayor, Gianfranco Cammilleri, and Vice President of Confindustria Molise (the local branch of the national business federation) Mauro Natale. As always, the key words for redevelopment will be sharing and sustainability.

A project contest has been set up in order to pick the best projects and the investors who can put them into practice. The Milan Polytechnic has prepared a dossier outlining the requirements and, over the coming weeks, meetings and interviews will be held with local stakeholders. This is in order to study scenarios for possible development of the site, while taking into account local planning regulations and the expectations of the local community. 

This will be followed by a workshop involving all the key players who will discuss and analyse the development scenarios. In mid-year there will be an international invitation to tender. This is designed to enhance the potential of the area and to respond to the local needs that were raised during the analysis.

The proposals will then be evaluated by a technical commission consisting of representatives of local institutions, the academic world and Enel. The commission will pay particular attention to the needs of the local community and specific quality requirements in the proposal, in terms of innovation and social, environmental and financial sustainability.

Considerable emphasis will also be placed on the principles of the circular economy. Futur-e seeks to exploit possible synergies in the redevelopment of different sites, reusing and redeveloping existing structures where possible. Only the proposals that meet all these criteria will be admitted to the final phase, in which the winning project will be selected.

In order to define the future of the area, a detailed evaluation process will take place. This should guarantee that the disused plant can be properly transformed into an opportunity for local development. This will also benefit local employment.

"The dialogue with the local administration and Confindustria Molise has set the ball rolling. Over the coming months we will try and give new life to the former plant site,” explains Marco Fragale. “Futur-e represents a challenge for us and for the community: namely, that of transforming disused industrial plants into new opportunities.”

"Along with other members of the town’s administration, I am enthusiastic about this innovative idea of ​​ choosing the most suitable redevelopment project for Enel’s disused Campomarino power plant,” comments Gianfranco Cammilleri. “We will do whatever we can to make sure that the project is successful. This is a great opportunity for development for Campomarino. It has enormous potential.”
"Any investment aimed at improving the socio-economic conditions of our territory is positive,” emphasised Mauro Natale. "We will actively follow the Enel initiative, and will be more than happy to discuss subsequent developments. Like Confindustria, we believe that doing business is always an opportunity for development and we hope that the project that is eventually chosen for this site will contribute to the economic growth of our region.”

The Futur-e project covers 23 sites throughout Italy. The procedure devised by Enel is now recognised internationally as a best practice for proactively dealing with and sharing the transition towards a more sustainable model.

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