Carpi at the heart of the Circular Economy

Published on Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The repurposing of the decommissioned Enel power station at Carpi is a shining example of the circular economy. An investment that’s all about sustainability and is focused on improving both the environment and quality of life, while also in line with the “zero land take” principle and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. This fact was acknowledged by the Emilia Romagna Regional Administration’s Assessor for the Environment, Paola Gazzolo, who addressed the working group comprising Enel, Arup and Intesa Sanpaolo as it discussed the best circular economy experiences on 13 July.

The initiative took place in the municipal area of Emilia- Romagna that is home to the now-decommissioned power station, one of the 23 sites involved in Futur-e, the project that transforms the Group’s former thermoelectric power plants by creating, together with local stakeholders, sustainable projects to repurpose them in line with the principles of the circular economy. Head of the Enel Futur-e programme, Marco Fragale, explained at the meeting that the Carpi site is set to be transformed during 2019 into an innovative logistics hub by taking advantage of the existing buildings and reusing material from the parts of the infrastructure that will be demolished. The design, implementation and building phases are a concrete example of circular solutions that benefit the local community not just in economic terms but also socially and environmentally. 

According to Mayor Alberto Bellelli, these values are shared by Enel and Carpi. In fact, the Italian environmental league, Legambiente, awarded the town the title “Comune Riciclone”, a plaudit to acknowledge the results of the municipality’s separate urban waste collection in addition to its tireless commitment to recycling and the recovery of materials. The deputy president of Legambiente, Edoardo Zanchini, was present at the meeting on behalf of the organisation.

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