Futur-e, a new life for the former power plant in Campomarino

Published on Friday, 14 September 2018

The Futur-e project has arrived in Molise Region marking the starting point of a new life for the Campomarino gas turbine power plant in the province of Campobasso.

On 13 September, alongside representatives of local institutions, Enel Produzione officially opened the procedure to assess and select innovative and sustainable project proposals for the repurposing of the site area.

The press conference held in the Sala Consiliare of the Campomarino town hall featured presentations from: Anna Saracino, Municipal Councillor for Tourism, Campomarino; Paola Cantelmi, President of the Municipal Council, Campomarino; Gennaro Zecca, President of Confindustria Chieti-Pescara; Antonio Varrone, Director of Confindustria Molise; Chiara Geroldi and Marika Arena from Milan Polytechnic, technical partner in Futur-e, and Marco Fragale, Head of the Enel Futur-e program, who presented the “Call for Projects” for the power plant, which ceased activity in January 2013.

The competition, which is open to tenders from anywhere in the world and is the result of a long process of consultation with people from the local area that began in March, will unfold in two phases. Anyone wishing to submit their proposal for the purchase and repurposing of the site may do so online until 2 February 2019 by presenting an “expression of interest”; the second phase will involve sending project proposals including binding offers for the purchase of the site.

“With today’s launch of the call for projects, which is the result of a long process of consultation with the people in the local area, we can develop the future of the site of Campomarino in line with the needs of the community,” said Fragale. “We ask potential investors to submit project proposals that fit the local context and its potential development. It all starts with the keystones of the Enel Group’s Open Power vision: listening and sharing to generate value for all.”

The submitted projects will be evaluated by a technical commission of representatives from local institutions, Enel Produzione and the academic world. The commission is tasked with verifying the suitability of the projects, paying particular attention to the needs of the local community and to specific requisites such as the quality of the proposal, innovation, social, environmental and financial sustainability as well as the application of the principles of circular economy. Only proposals approved by the commission will be able to proceed to the final phase of the competition to select the successful project.

The site of the decommissioned plant in Campomarino, not far from the Adriatic coast and in the heart of a predominantly agricultural area (olive and grape production in particular), is well suited to various potential repurposing options. Possible scenarios explored in the preparatory stage include adaptation for tourism and food agriculture.

Promoted by Enel since 2015 and recognised today as an example of good practice in sustainability and the circular economy, the Futur-e project aims to successfully transform decommissioned power plants into development opportunities for the areas that surround them. The decommissioned plant in Campomarino joins a number of initiatives already under way at other large industrial sites such as Porto Tolle (Veneto Region), Trino (Piedmont), Rossano (Calabria), Montalto di Castro (Lazio) and Bari (Apulia).

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