Portoscuso, the competition opens for projects to repurpose the former power station

Published on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The project competition is now under way to create a new future for Enel’s Portoscuso site. Until 18 January 2019 any interested parties intending to apply for the acquisition and redevelopment of the former oil-burning power station in Sardinia can do so by presenting an “expression of interest” via this page. The competition, which is also open to applicants from outside Italy, forms part of the Futur-e project through which Enel Produzione is transforming the decommissioning of 23 sites of thermo-electric power stations and the former coal-mining area of Santa Barbara into development opportunities for the surrounding areas and local communities by inviting innovative, sustainable proposals.  

A listening tour and dialogue process to create a new future for the former Portoscuso plant began on November 2017 with a series of meetings and interviews involving associations, institutional representatives, the business community and other stakeholders that were all able to contribute suggestions and express their own perspectives on the potential development of the site. The variety of scenarios being explored includes those involving new production activities and logistics operations, as well as research initiatives.

The second phase involves sending comprehensive project proposals with binding offers for the acquisition of the site. At this point stakeholders from the area have their say once again as the proposals are assessed by a technical commission made up of representatives from local institutions, Enel Produzione and academia. The panel’s job is to verify the suitability of the proposals received, paying particular attention to the needs of the local community and the specific quality parameters of each proposal in terms of innovation, social and environmental value, financial sustainability and the application of the principles of the circular economy. Only the proposals validated by the commission will go through to the final stage, during which the definitive project will be chosen.

“Launching the project competition, the result of a listening process involving the local area, enables us to link the future of the Portoscuso site to the needs of the community,” explains Marco Fragale, Head of the Futur-e project. “In fact, we are asking investors to present project proposals that are particularly suited to the local context and its potential development. The selection process is based on the keystones of the Enel Group’s Open Power vision: listening and sharing in order to generate shared value.”

The Portoscuso power station stands in the Portovesme industrial complex, about 500 metres from the port, alongside other large energy production and mineral and metal processing facilities. Comprising two 160 MW units, it was built in the early 1970s. The site area measures around 138,000 square metres and includes constructions that cover 18,000 square metres. After a drastic reduction in production hours and a gradual withdrawal from the generating network, in 2015 the plant was included in the Futur-e initiative, a project that is now recognised worldwide as an example of best practice in terms of sustainability and the circular economy.

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