Information on the Rai fee in the bill

Published on Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Who is affected, how you should pay, what is the amount and how to manage the exemptions: a handbook for the Rai fee in the bill.

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The Financial Law enacted by the Government stipulates that in 2016 the Rai will be paid, in installments, directly with the electricity bill. The fee in the bill applies to all customers who, at their residence, are holders of an electricity supply contract, regardless of whether they are tenants or owners. Offices and barracks do not pay the fee.

The payment of the fee is related to the possession of one or more TV sets that can receive audio/ video signals via terrestrial and/or satellite platforms, regardless of the quality or quantity of use as specified in Article 1 of R.D.L. dated 02/21/1938 n. 246. The payment does not affect computers without TV tuners and the old analog TVs. It also concerns TVs used only as monitors for computers, or to view videotapes.

The amount of the annual fee is 100 €, divided into 10 monthly installments. On your electric bill, you will be charged the overdue installments. Only for 2016, the first payment will arrive with the first electric bill issued after July 1. The invoice contains a specific item that indicates the amount of the installments of the fee.

To know the categories exempted from the payment of the fee, you can visit the website of the Tax Agency, specifically the page "TV fee - Special cases of exemption". If you don’t own a television set, you must submit a statement to this regard to the Provincial Directorate I of  the Turin Tax Agency.

The statement must be submitted by 30 June 2016, to be exempted from the payment of the fee for July to December. The statement submitted by 1 July 2016 to  31 January 2017 will exempt from the obligation to pay fees for the whole of 2017. The forms and instructions for completion are available on the Tax Agency website, specifically the page "Forms and Instructions - TV fee". For more information, you can visit the RAI website of RAI or that of the Tax Agency.

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