With the Open Fiber ultra-broadband the Social City is born

Published on Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kick-off in Cagliari of the tour presenting the new possibilities offered to citizens, businesses and public administrations that operate with social networks. It will also stop in Bari, Palermo, Naples and Florence.

"The highway of the future" that starts off from Cagliari will not be made of asphalt, but will develop through the new Open Fiber ultra-broadband, along with the sharing of good practices in the use of the web and social networks.

This is how Claudia Medda, technological innovation and communication councilor for the Sardinian capital, and the Director of cittadiniditwitter Francesco Di Costanzo, described it at the first event of #socialcity, which highlights the benefits of the ultra-broadband, also optimising the daily use of social networks.

In fact, these channels are no longer considered mere entertainment, but vehicles for economic activities based on the speed of information. It is not by chance that Enel Open Fiber, represented in Cagliari by its program manager Giuseppe Torricelli, is working to improve the usability of these resources in both the private sector and in businesses and public administrations. The latter, in particular, is now called upon to make a more significant leap forward, to offer the best example of how a "social city" can be created. Anci - which gathers almost all of the approximately eight thousand Italian municipalities – is convinced of this, and has therefore sponsored the event in Cagliari, as well as the next ones that are already planned.

The awareness-raising tour will continue in Bari and Palermo (March 2017) and in Naples (April 2017) and Florence (May 2017). The ultra-broadband has huge potential: "Some studies even associate it to the development of GDP - Torricelli said – since it can facilitate life in many ways, with high-definition video surveillance up to telework and education".

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