People care, even more support for parenting

Published on Tuesday, 21 February 2023

The family is at the center of many of our initiatives for caring and inclusion. In the current context of the “demographic winter” of declining birthrates and families in difficulty, we want to contribute and nurture, in a concrete way, a new phase of growth.

The measures and projects we have developed together with labor organizations over the years are characterized by their integration with each other and their ability to initiate virtuous cycles capable of affecting organizational climate, wellness, work culture and the harmonious development of full human self-realization.

They are the expression of a strategic vision, realized in tandem with other initiatives, from those dedicated to training people for the professions of the future, to educational programs for raising awareness about the current energy transition and its environmental, social and economic sustainability.

With this in mind, we have signed a new agreement with the electrical trade unions to promote further initiatives within the business environment for shared parental responsibility and caring for children.

“The agreement on parenting responds to the new social times we are living in and demonstrates our continued commitment to work-life balance and to breaking down “socially predefined” roles and encouraging the responsible sharing of familial duties. Another Enel Group game changer for the growth of Italy.”

– Francesca Valente, Head of People & Organization Italy

In short, the agreement includes:

  • Expansion of paternity leave for fathers, who will be given an additional 10 days of paid leave in addition to the mandatory 10-day leave provided by law;
  • Increase in pay scale during the months of parental leave:

90% for up to 1 month, for the mother or father, or alternating between them, until the child’s 6th year of life, in the case where the law provides for a compensation equal to 80%;

60% for 3 months or the remaining 2 months (if the month at 90% has been used), non-transferable, of which both the mother and father respectively are entitled until the child’s 12th year of life (the law provides for 30%);

45% for an additional 3 months to which the parents are entitled, alternating between them, until the child’s 12th year of life (the law provides for 30%);

  • Extension of unpaid days off for sickness of child;
  • Support for enrollment in supplementary insurance for children within the first three years of life.


These measures are part of the concrete actions introduced by our Group to implement the principles outlined in the “Statuto della Persona (Charter of the Person)", an innovative protocol signed in March 2022 with the union organizations, which aims to make people the protagonists of the synergetic ecosystem in which the company and union organizations work together to create a healthy, safe, stimulating and participatory work environment.

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