The Best Choice

The benefits of renewables and the free market


The best choice is the one that enables us to be sustainable today, in order to ensure a better future for the generations of tomorrow.

For us, the best choice is that of being able to offer all households the advantages of energy with green DNAelectricity produced from renewable sources such as the sun, the wind, water and the heat of the Earth. Renewable sources favor electricity price stability, contribute to the fight against climate change, and promote the electrification of consumption: in other words, the increasingly widespread use of electricity in areas like transport, the heating of buildings and other domestic uses.

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The Free Market

Our solutions for supplying energy are more affordable and more sustainable. Find out why the Free Market is the best choice.



Electricity from renewable sources paves the way for electrification, which is the best solution for decarbonizing industry, making transport more efficient and reducing pollution.


#Electrification: the only road to a Zero-Emissions future

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