Companies in Lazio are discovering Futur-e

Published on Monday, 17 October 2016

A meeting with the enterprises of the provon ince of Viterbo promoted by Enel and FederLazio for the purchase and redevelopment procedure of the Montalto di Castro site.
Local institutions, Enel and representatives of small and medium-sized companies that are members of the Federlazio of Viterbo are meeting on July 20 to deepen the path leading to give a new future to the Montalto di Castro power plant.
At the Antisari Palace, where thef SMEs of Lazio in Viterbo are based, about thirty of the province's entrepreneurs have learnt more details and found out about the state of the art regarding the purchase and redevelopment procedure of the Enel site, officially launched on May 24, 2016 within the Futur-e Project.
The meeting was attended by the president of the Province of Viterbo, Mauro Mazzola, PD’s deputy Sandro Mazzoli, the mayor of Montalto di Castro, Sandro Caci, the president of Federlazio Viterbo, Giuseppe Crea, the head of Enel’s Business Development for Italy and Russia, Marco Fragale and the head of Enel’s Business Development, Giuseppe D’Orsi.

The meeting with companies associated with FederLazio reflects the model implemented from day one by Futur-e, which places the dialogue with local communities at the centre of the whole project.

Employment, local economic development, environmental sustainability are key elements to identify new uses for the plants involved in Enel's project. This is  why the exchanges with businesses and communities that are present in the area becomes crucial

 The ongoing procedure for the historic Montalto site aims to collect proposals of innovative and socially, economically and environmentally sustainable projects, focusing in particular with the opportunities and needs of the local community. The proposals will be evaluated by a special judging commission whose impartiality and professionalism are guaranteed by the presence of representatives the Milan Polytechnic, while the local bodies are represented by local authorities. 

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