Finland world benchmark for recycling

Published on Thursday, 1 June 2017

Finland will host the World Circular Economy Forum from June 5 to 7. The does not take place in this country by chance. In fact, a year ago the government in Helsinki announced, in collaboration with Sitra Innovation Fund, a road map for the Finnish circular economy. And after paving the way, some important steps forward have already been made.

After having launched the road map towards the Finnish circular economy, Sitra identified the 100 most flourishing and virtuous companies in the Finnish scenario. To be noted that we are dealing with companies of a country that last year was ranked first in the environmental performance index 2016 (Epi), the environmental sustainability index that assesses the ecological footprint of nations.

Once established the need to advance on the road to the circular economy, which by 2030 could be able to generate 2-3 billion euros annually of added value in this country, now Sitra is encouraging Finnish companies to make the necessary changes: cut waste, do away with fossil fuels, reduce the use of materials as much as possible. The circular economy is undoubtedly the paradigm of the future, for every kind of society, and Finland is pushing its pioneering companies to be among the global leaders of this movement.

Like Upm, which invented creative ways to reuse residues and waste from paper and the production of wood filler and plywood. With the construction of a biorefinery at its Kaukas site, Upm has managed to transform the residues of cellulose production into second generation renewable biodiesel. Currently, Upm recycles around 90 percent of its waste, the goal being to ensure that no waste produced by its plants is brought to landfill or burned without the recovery of energy.

Now the eyes of the world are on the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki. The event, organised by Sitra, a few Finnish ministries and the MacArthur Foundation, will be organised in 17 plenary sessions and several parallel sessions, over three days full of discussions, workshops and networking. With the participation also of Enel, which will bring its experience in this field through the company’s Head of Environnmental Policies, Luca Meini.

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