Electric Mobility, a Plan for Italy

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Institutions, companies, organizations to discuss the development of a national project to promote sustainable mobility in cities and on Italian roads, tomorrow in Rome, November 16.

From a short drive within an urban area, to sightseeing tours from one city to another, “electrifying” car journeys, while reducing CO2 emissions is now possible, thanks to electricity which offers a new sustainable means of mobility.

The opportunity to develop a national strategy to promote electric mobility and make it increasingly appealing will be the theme of the conference “Mobilità elettrica: un piano per l’Italia. Istituzioni a confronto” (Electric Mobility: a plan for Italy. A discussion among institutions), scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 16, at the Sala Cristallo hall in Hotel Nazionale, Piazza Monte Citorio, 131 in Rome.

The event is sponsored by StartMagazine, an online magazine dedicated to innovation, in collaboration with Enel, Assorinnovabili, Anev-National Wind Energy Association, the geo-location platform HERE, Cei-Cives and the patronage of the Lombardy Region.

Carlo Tamburi, Director Enel Italy, will intervene in the first round table, and Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Market Italy, in the second.

The conference will be structured around two round tables, one dedicated to the theme “Infrastructure in support of sustainable mobility” and one on “Electric mobility for a new energy and environmental model”, with representatives from institutions, companies and academia participating in the round tables.

The debate will focus on frank confrontation with the institutions on the topic of e-mobility, from the contents and objectives of the Charter of Arese, the document signed last May by Enel, A2A, Class Onlus, and Hera to define a strategic platform for electric mobility in Italy, and then to address the issue of European Directive 2014/94 / EU of the transposition on alternative fuels and tools that will enable its concrete realization.

After the panel discussions there will be a "institutional relay", dedicated session to receive the position of parliamentarians on object themes of the workshop.

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