Giro d’Italia: Rome in Pink for the Grande Arrivo

Published on Monday, 13 March 2023

Growth, territory, teamwork, innovation and above all the constant desire to go further, towards increasingly ambitious goals. Our bond with the Giro d’Italia gets stronger each year, along with the Maglia Rosa that we have been proud sponsors of since 2016. The Pink Jersey is not just an iconic representation of sporting excellence, but also a metaphor for an explosive energy that is constantly renewing itself, going through cities and countryside, over mountains, through valleys, and along rivers and lakes to celebrate the beauty and richness of the Italian territory during each stage. There is energy unleashed along the entire route from the support and the enthusiasm of the people who crowd along the sides of the road each year.

For the fifth time in history, Rome is preparing to welcome the last stage of this incredible race. The 106th Edition of the Giro d’Italia will start in Abruzzo on May 6 and will conclude after 3,489.2 km on May 28 with the Grande Arrivo closing ceremony at the Imperial Fora, the final goal of a journey in which the Maglia Rosa will once again pay homage to the boundless historical, artistic and monumental heritage of the Italian capital. From the outskirts to downtown: departure from the Colosseo Quadrato building in the Eur district, to the Zodiac Fountain in Ostia, then passing through symbolic sites in the city including the Colosseum, Ara Pacis, Castel Sant'Angelo, Circus Maximus, St. Peter's Basilica as well as Villa Borghese and Tiber Island. The final stage will finish at the Imperial Fora, where the Maglia Rosa winner will lift the Trofeo Senza Fine (Endless Trophy).

“The final stage in Rome, where our Group has its headquarters, reinforces the bond we have with the Giro d’Italia and the Maglia Rosa and allows us to share our core values of sustainability, local community outreach and territorial promotion in the Eternal City as well. We are proud to be there,” said Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Italy, speaking at the event to present the Grande Arrivo that was held on February 15 on Capitoline Hill. The event was attended by representatives from political and sporting institutions, including Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, RCS Mediagroup President Urbano Cairo, Rome City Councilor for Major Events, Tourism, Sports and Fashion Alessandro Onorato, RCS Sport CEO Paolo Bellino, CONI President Giovanni Malagò, and Giro d’Italia Director Mauro Vegni.

A major event that Rome is preparing to host not just with initiatives dedicated to sustainable sports and mobility on two wheels, but also with a spectacular architectural lighting in pink, through Enel X's sustainable technologies, of some of the best-known and most representative symbols of Italian culture in the world: from May 23 to 25 the Arch of Constantine and from May 26 to 28 the Trevi Fountain, already illuminated in January on the occasion of the 100 days since the start of the Giro.

A partnership of Italian pride and innovation

“Two excellent enterprises that have many things in common: the first is Italian pride. The other aspect we have in common is our combination of technology, innovation and people. Enel and the cycling world have both undergone an enormous technological evolution. We can think about what we are doing in Catania, for example, with the largest photovoltaic panel factory in Europe,” continued Lanzetta. “All this innovation is always accompanied by valuing people. Kind of like a bike: whatever the type, if it doesn’t have a good rider, if it doesn’t have a good cyclist, it is futile. This synthesis makes our union perfect.”

This bond was also reconfirmed by the second edition of the Enel Virtual Giro d’Italia hosted by BKOOL, which started on October 24 with 22 new virtual routes available through the end of May. A truly immersive experience, integrated with HD videos and 3D elements, to give users the opportunity to experience firsthand the emotions of the 2022 Giro d’Italia, following the sprints of their champions in captivating locations like the climb up Mt. Etna.

The energy of the Maglia Rosa 

The 2023 Maglia Rosa was official unveiled in Campidoglio on March 13, in anticipation of cyclists sprinting along roads all over Italy and once again igniting people’s imagination and enthusiasm.

«Transition above all means change, going from one situation to another, evolution. This is exactly the reason that cycling is the perfect paradigm of what it means to know how to respond in a dynamic and positive way to challenges, facing them with an ability to innovate, at work as at home, in business as in sport», commented Francesco Starace, Enel CEO and General Manager, during the presentation event.   

Innovation and sustainability are reflected in the new Maglia Rosa design that enhances lines and shapes, combining the charm of historical tradition with the inspiration of the digital world, as well as in the fabric used made from recycled fibers mainly derived from recovered plastic bottles that here takes on a very precise message based on the circular economy.

Once again, the Giro d’Italia and the Maglia Rosa join in our commitment to the development of the Italian economic system, innovating, valuing people and connecting territories and experiences to send a message in the name of sport and sustainable progress. Because building a better tomorrow can be as easy as riding a bike only with the commitment of each of us.

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