A Festival that helps give energy to sustainability

“The objectives of the UN’s Agenda 2003 cannot only be achieved on a political level, they also demand that the private sector take on a crucial role. The most advanced global enterprises – and Enel is certainly one of these – see the SDGs as an opportunity to create sustainable value”

– Andrea Valcalda, Head of Sustainability for Enel


Agenda 2030: what Enel is doing

The #2030whatareUdoing campaign organised by ASviS, the Italian Sustainable Development Alliance of which Enel is a part, has been officially launched. It calls upon each and every one of us to share our projects for achieving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals


Enel makes a maximum effort

As it did last year, the Festival included three national events organised by ASviS, where we played a leading role. The conference on 22 May entitled “Italy 2030 – Innovation, Redevelopment, Investment, Transformation – 10 years to achieve a sustainable Italy,” which was held in the MAXXI auditorium in Rome, marked the official start of proceedings. The emphasis was on the need to upgrade Italy’s infrastructure through a wide-reaching public and private investment plan, adopting a new development model.

The second was “SDGs, Climate and the Future of Europe,” an international conference which took place on 31 May at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan. Its aim was to present a “strengthened partnership” between the members of the EU and representatives of the public and private sectors, making Europe the world leader in the implementation of a “polylateralism” that can accelerate the achievement of the SDGs and climate accords.

The Festival’s closing event took place in Rome on 7 June, when ASviS  presented the results of the 17 days of reflection to the institutions, setting in motion a debate on fundamental themes and the steps to be taken to ensure the SDGs are achieved, and safeguard the future of this generation and those to come.

In parallel with these three main events, one of the new features of the 2018 Festival was the staging on each of the 17 days of a nationally or internationally significant event on one or more themes related to the 17 SDGs.

In collaboration with ASviS and the GSE (the Italian government’s energy marketing board), Enel was responsible for holding the national event on SDGs 7 and 13. The convention will take place in Rome on 6 June at the MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Arts), and was an important opportunity to consider the subjects of affordable, clean energy (SDG7) and climate action (SDG13), two of the four objectives to which Enel has a formal commitment.

But the Festival also included many other initiatives throughout Italy – debates, book presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, guided visits, flash mobs, children’s workshops, meetings about new green jobs and much more besides filled these 17 days with interest and excitement, raising awareness in an ever-growing section of the general public. Each of us has a responsibility to play a role, as was evident in Enel’s commitment and the title of the event – “Sustainability.”

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