Giro d'Italia 103


Italian energy is extraordinarily powerful and has united the country, providing us with the strength to restart, and to tackle all the challenges we face. 

It is as extraordinary, in fact, as the 103rd edition of the Giro d’Italia: stage after stage en route to the Maglia Rosa (the Pink Jersey)we celebrate the energy of all the people who stayed strong. We celebrate their stories of passion, enthusiasm and close bond to the local area. Because this year, we all deserve the Maglia Rosa. 


    The Giro d’Italia and its extraordinary energy are back, cycling all over the nation. Once again, this year, we are supporting the Maglia Rosa, an icon of passion, sport, beautiful local areas and resilience.

    Navigate the Giro 103 route, choose the gold pins on the map and watch all the “Voci fuori dal Giro” (Voices Outside the Giro) videos.


    La Tua Maglia Rosa

    “This year we all get to wear the Maglia Rosa. Follow #LaTuaMagliaRosa”


    Voices Outside the Giro

    “Life is like the Giro d’Italia, a route that brings the thrill of having been part of something unique at every finish line.”

    – - The voice of Norma, Stage 21 Cernusco sul Naviglio - Milano

    Stage 1, Monreale - Palermo

    The voice of Antonella

    Stage 6, Castrovillari - Matera

    The voice of Aurelio

    Stage 8, Giovinazzo - Vieste

    The voice of Lino

    Stage 10, Lanciano - Tortoreto

    The voice of Silvio

    Stage 14, Conegliano - Valdobbiadene

    The voice of Annachiara

    Stage 16, Udine - San Daniele del Friuli

    The voice of Renato

    Stage 18, Pinzolo - Laghi di Cancano

    The voice of Alessandra


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