Giro 106

Enel and the Maglia Rosa. Simply united by the same vision.


When you know how to plan ahead, even the most challenging goals can be reached with simplicity. This is the vision that unites us with the Maglia Rosa and the Giro d’Italia, that just like us want to take Italy to new heights.

Since 2016, we have been racing with the Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey) as a Sponsor, a demonstration of our commitment to #EnelperItalia and to the valorization of our territory and its beautiful places and to an energy that races along and renews itself thanks to this winning partnership. We will travel through Italy again this year, from the Trabocchi Coast to the Amalfi Coast, heading up the peninsula along the Apennines, passing through Emilia Romagna and across the northern regions all the way back down to the Grand Arrival in Rome, for a total of 3,489.2 km of pure emotion.

Simply united by the same vision

With a clear vision, everything is easily achieved, even ambitious goals like the Maglia Rosa or Italy's energy freedom. Renewables, efficient grids, innovative solutions for homes and cities, sustainable mobility, training for new generations. this is what we do, for people and for the Country.

Renewable energy is the key pillar of the current energy transition, which is why we are always investing in the development and expansion of our plants.

The solar power from the 3Sun Gigafactory in Catania is illuminating the path for Italy’s energy independence.

Italy is experiencing a transformation of increasing efficiency and digitalization: a change that flows through a grid that is flexible and integrated.

We offer the younger generations opportunities for growth with our training initiatives throughout Italy, combating school dropout rates and fostering contact with the working world.

We are redesigning city ecosystems with our innovative solutions, making infrastructure, lighting and even urban transportation increasingly efficient and circular.


Welcome simplicity 

We stand by people’s side with our ability to innovate and our increasingly integrated and high-quality solutions, simplifying daily life as a multi-service partner for your home.

Enel Giro 15 Offer

For you, convenience and simplicity in a single offer thanks to the list price of the energy component.


THE GIRO. An Italian Story

The Giro d’Italia is symbolic of a country that is racing toward the future full of dynamism and resolve. The exhibition IL GIRO. Una storia d’Italia (The GIRO. An Italian Story) is dedicated to this theme. It runs from 24 May to 18 June at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, featuring more than 100 images, many of which come from the Archivio Storico Riccardi. These images showcase the achievements of Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Felice Gimondi, Moser, Marco Pantani, Vincenzo Nibali and all the cyclists who, since 1909, have helped make the Giro d'Italia the symbol of a country racing toward ever more ambitious goals. These are snapshots of a bygone era, but as relevant as ever, with Rome often showcased as a wonderful backdrop.  

The exhibition, curated by Maurizio Riccardi and Giovanni Currado, is being sponsored by Roma Capitale, with the contribution of the Department of Major Events, Sport, Tourism and Fashion in collaboration with the Department of Culture and the Roman Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. It is being put on by AGR srl in collaboration with Archivio Storico Riccardi, with our support along with that of RCS Sport & Events.

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