Indemnities and compensation for damages due to bad weather

For the inconvenience caused by the exceptional wave of bad weather that struck the regions of Marche and Abruzzo during the month of January, in addition to the automatic compensation outlined by the Electrical Energy and Gas Authority (AEEGSI-resolution 646/15), further compensation measures have been outlined for the customers that experienced longer interruptions to the service and those that that suffered damage as a result of the interruptions.

Customers can benefit from:

  • automatic compensation, as outlined by AEEGSI
  • additional compensation
  • damage compensation.

Until today we have received a total of 39,254 applications

Automatic compensation

  • In order to receive the automatic compensation, as outlined by the Authority for electrical energy, gas and the water system (AEEGSI), customers are not required to do anything. E-distribution will calculate the compensation due to each customer based on established AEEGSI criteria, customers will then receive this sum incorporated directly into their electricity bill without any need to request it
  • The compensation payments will vary according to the duration of the interruption, the type and location of supply and will be issued to the customer within around 3-4 months
  • The extent of the compensation and the criteria that determines it can be found in Tables 9a and 10 in the attachment of resolution 646/2015.
  • The tables below contain summaries of the criteria and amounts.


Type of interruption
Standard ​

Low voltage

Users (hours)

Medium voltage
Users (hours)

Interruptions without prior warning

High concentration (over 50.000 inhabitants)

Medium concentration (over 5.000 inhabitants)

Low concentration (less than 5.000 inhabitants)







  All domestic and non domestic use with a capacity of up to 6 kW
Low and medium voltage use (other than domestic) with capacity lower than or equal to 100kW and greater than 6kW  Low voltage use (other than domestic) with capacity greater than 100kW
Medium voltage use with capacity greater than 100kW
Low and medium voltage users that are owners of production plants
Standard excess
30 €
150 €
2 €/kW
1,5 €/kW
0,15 €/kW
For every further period
15 € every 4 hours
75 € every 4 hours
1 €/kW every 4 hours
0,75 €/kW every 2 hours
0,075 €/kW every 4 hours

Maximum limit

300 €
1.000 €
3.000 €
6.000 €
3.000 €

Additional compensation

In order to cover the inconvenience caused by interruptions longer than those indicated in AEEGSI Resolution n.646/15, Enel will pay additional compensation, which will be calculated using the same outlined in the Resolution.

To request the compensation it is necessary to complete the appropriate form that is available:

  • online on the website di E-distribuzione
  • at the helpdesks in the offices of E-distribuzione
  • by request on the Freephone number  800.085577

The form, if not compiled online, can be submitted at one of the helpdesks in the offices of E-distribuzione or submitted via one of the following channels:

The client will receive a communication with the outcome of the request as soon as the data relating to the duration of the interruption becomes available.

Damage compensation

Enel will evaluate requests for further material damages, for example those caused to electrical appliances, in the case that the customer supplies the relevant documents to justify said damages.

The client will be able to present his/her request via the compilation of a form including attached documentation to prove the damages suffered (e.g. invoice, technician’s report etc.)

Information and contact details

Available to customers:

  • Freephone number 800.085577
  • Website E-distribuzione
  • Dedicated helpdesks at the offices of E-distribuzione, open from 8.30am to 1.00pm and from 2.00pm to 3.30pm from Monday to Friday.

        Pescara (Via Conte di Ruvo, 5)
        Teramo (Viale Bovio, 40)
        Chieti (Via Auriti, 1)
        Vasto (Via del Porto, 16)
        Lanciano (Zona Industriale, località Follani, 30)
        Giulianova (Via Galilei, 102)
        Ascoli Piceno (Viale Treviri, 192) 

  • Postbox 5555 – 85100 Potenza
  • Freephone fax number 800.046677


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