The energy transition and its fundamental role, in everything and for everyone. For Italy.

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A profoundly sustainable process.

The energy transition is unstoppable: in addition to being an epoch-defining challenge, it’s also an opportunity for progress towards wellbeing, both for the planet and for people, the real protagonists of this change.

It’s a journey that runs on several tracks at once. On one hand, there is decarbonization – the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables – in which we continue to invest, increasing the power of our existing plants and creating new ones, together with the development of indispensable technologies such as storage systems. On the other hand, the electrification of consumption and industrial processes, the digitalization of grids to make them increasingly resilient and efficient, and also the transformation of power plants into modern sustainable spaces. 

#EnelperlItalia’s commitment to a fair and inclusive energy transition to a zero-emissions future by 2040 translates into tangible social, environmental and economic benefits for local areas and communities.




Renewable sources are the present and the future of energy: the sun, wind, water and the earth’s heat, all widely present and abundant in nature, are the sustainable engine of the current transition.

With more than 600 plants in Italy, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal power, with Enel Green Power we’ve been working for years to boost the development of these sources through innovative technologies that are more efficient and competitive, contributing to the growth of the production chain with new employment opportunities and an ever greater energy freedom for Italy.



Renewables, powering the transition

Renewable energies are the cornerstone of the energy transition and are the most sustainable and long-lasting way to achieve the target of zero emissions, which we have brought forward by ten years to 2040.


“Some time ago we set the ambitious goal of achieving complete decarbonization by 2040 and therefore of producing energy solely from renewable sources and without CO2 emissions. This challenge is achievable if there is a response from the Italian national system, which our Group is accompanying through the energy transition."

– Luca Solfaroli Camillocci, Head of Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation Italy



Storage System

The combination of renewable sources and storage systems is essential to the transition process that’s underway. At times when nature doesn’t offer immediately available energy, stored energy can be made available to businesses and private customers. Storage systems, which can store electricity and feed it back into the energy system as needed, are important allies of renewables, especially wind and solar power, which are inevitably subject to variations in their availability, and can help balance out supply and demand of energy and contribute to grid stability.

Storage systems are currently undergoing a fully-fledged technological revolution, ensuring greater efficiency, lower costs and a more circular approach.



The allies of renewables

The growth and penetration of renewables in the energy market is driving the need for storage systems capable of ensuring the durability, reliability, flexibility and continuity of the electricity system.


"Our strategy is focused on storage installed directly at renewable power plants, which are thus transformed into facilities with the same flexibility adequacy of conventional power plants – so much so that we can refer to this as Renewables 2.0."

– Giuseppe Cicerani, Head of Business Development Energy Storage at Enel Green Power



Digital grids

The grid is the access point to the energy transition: to support decarbonization and electrification processes we need, first and foremost, a smart, flexible and digital infrastructure capable of taking full advantage of technological innovation and big data. All of this becomes even more important when we consider the progressive evolution of the market and the changes in the way energy is being produced: what’s needed is a multidirectional and integrated grid, capable of receiving the energy self-produced by consumer-producers – so-called ‘prosumers’ – and of better managing peaks in demand.


Digital grid

Intelligent, flexible and participatory: the grid for a new way of using energy

Grid infrastructure, in particular distribution infrastructure, has an essential role: bringing electricity to homes and businesses, managing energy....


“We’re contributing to Italy’s growth with our increasingly advanced, intelligent and digitalized infrastructure and grids, capable of rising to the challenges of the energy transition in an efficient and sustainable way.”

– Vincenzo Ranieri, Head of Grids Italy



Repurposing power plants

The energy transition also means value for local areas and communities with new growth opportunities for the Italian system as a whole. An important role in this is played by plants that go on to have a second life: sites with substantial development potential in the energy sector and other sectors are integrated or repurposed with new business projects in areas other than energy production.

A new life based on the criteria of innovation, circularity and sustainability, with the direct involvement of local stakeholders and the creation of new partnerships.


Repurposing power plants

A second life for power plants

The green revolution and the changes in the way energy is being produced, managed and distributed is powering a sort of chain reaction, bringing environmental, social and economic benefits.


"The energy transition can be achieved starting from the circular economy, from the creation of new skills and technologies with positive effects for businesses, employment, local areas and for Italy: our industrial heritage can be enhanced by reusing, where possible, materials and parts of the original plants themselves, but also by recovering infrastructure and spaces that can be retained or converted for new uses."

– Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy


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