Electrify 2030, electricity’s potential in Italy

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The pink miracle at Priolo Gargallo

For the fourth consecutive year, thanks to the intervention of Enel, pink flamingos have been able to nest in the nature reserve north of the Sicilian city of Syracuse and, on 26th July, the birds were ringed


The “Orange Flag Towns” go green

E-mobility comes to the towns belonging to the “Orange Flag” Association. Enel X, our division specialised in innovative digital solutions is set to install a network of charging stations in 227 small Italian towns

Innovation and sustainability


Civitavecchia, the power plant gets smart

Enel’s Torrevaldaliga Nord power station in Civitavecchia has entered the era of Industry 4.0 thanks to an integrated system involving Internet of Things technology and drones


The OSMOSE Project, integrating renewables

Our Group is taking part in the European Osmose project to demonstrate the capacity of renewable plants, integrated with energy storage systems, to contribute effectively to the adjustment of the electricity grid and prepare us for a future that is 100% renewable

Our projects

circular economy

Discovering Circular Economy

Circular Economy is one of the most strategic and relevant issues of the coming years. It opens up new scenarios for discovery and designing new models


A Festival that helps give energy to sustainability

The second edition of the event organised by ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, took place between 22 May and 7 June. The real stars were the 17 sustainable development objectives in the UN’s 2030 Agenda. This year Enel was again in the Festival spotlight with a series of events and projects

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