Coghinas hydropower plant: a 90 year old in great shape

Published on Thursday, 29 December 2016

“At a time in which the efficient use of resources is key for being competitive and meeting specific targets, the overhaul of Coghinas was an excellent ground to test the effectiveness of this approach”

– Renato Giardina, Head of the Business Hydro Sardinia Unity

"This is an amazing achievement both from the point of view of reliability - said the Head of Business Sardinia O&M Large Hydro Renato Giardina, - and of Enel's approach, capable of maximising the use of its resources over external ones. Thanks to the perfect synergy between the different business units, the overhaul was completed in six months, putting back into service, a facility that can produce 70,000 MW per year for ​​25,000 households, with a reduction rate of CO2 emissions of around 45,000 kilos".


Great respect for environmental resources

The environmental focus is confirmed as a key priority for the Sardinian complex, given that its 1,740-km2 basin has strategic value also for agriculture and tourism: every year the 58-metre high dam, with a crest length of 158 metres, provides 80/90 million cubic metres of water, while protecting the fish.

In fact, a project carried out with the Province of Olbia Tempio involves fish ladders to facilitate the reproduction of eels, allowing them to continuously move between the reservoir and the bed of the river Coghinas. In addition, the contribution of the Oschiri (Sassari) town hall was essential, since by widening the road that leads to the plant it has enabled to speed up the disassembly and reassembly of overhauled components.

“Keeping up our high professionalism and specialisation in the future must be a constant and profitable practice”

– Michele Maranci, Head of Hydro Central Maintenance & ET Support

"The big plus of this project - said Michele Maranci, head of Hydro Central Maintenance & Elecromechanical Technical Support of O&M Large Hydro - consisted in having fostered a dynamic organisation, geared to the real needs and avoiding overlaps in the specialisations. In fact, by means of this job rotation skills and experience are transferred, so that thanks to the osmosis between the business unit directions and the O&M Hydro technical structures we will be able to our manage our business increasingly well".

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