Sustainability and responsibility

Published on Friday, 31 May 2019

“We are committed to creating a new model of sustainable energy development through renewables, digitalisation and the decarbonisation process”

– Patrizia Grieco, Enel President

Enel’s commitment is also a response to the demands of our customers, who have been very aware of renewable energy issues for quite some time. It is also pivotal factor in directing investor choices. A viewpoint confirmed by Luigi Abete, president of FeBAF (Italy’s Banking, Insurance and Finance Federation) and by the people taking part in the round table on “finance leverage.”

There is also an increasingly powerful connection between businesses’ sustainability policies and their longevity: a positive social and environmental impact guarantees a longer lifespan and earns the trust of the markets. This is a vision created by enlightened entrepreneurs like Adriano Olivetti (1901-1960), who was remembered in the course of the debate. This vision also drives startuppers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their businesses on the contexts they operate in. This was confirmed by Solenica CEO Diva Tommei who spoke about the issue from the perspective of the millennial generation: “Education is a prerequisite for a new approach to the sustainable economy.”

Choices, values and human capital were the final key words to enrich the Milan forum which was also live-streamed to 12,000 people on the Festival’s website. In his closing address, ASviS spokesman Enrico Giovannini cited a model from New Zealand where the government has just presented a UN SDG-inspired “Wellbeing Budget” designed to put the national economy on a low environmental impact path and to reduce emissions. A timely decision, Giovannini declares, because time is becoming one of our most precious resources as the Planet’s are becoming scarcer.

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