From new recruits to Enel people

From new recruits to Enel people


A well-structured training programme, focused on a person’s all-round development, is an important asset for the growth both of the individual and the company. It is impossible to make progress, innovate and set one’s sights on new goals without acquiring and sharing ever more advanced skills.

We develop highly-innovative training programmes in partnership with universities, business schools and specialist training companies. The aim is, of course, to increase the expertise of our staff, but we also want to create opportunities for discussion and the exchange of ideas, where sharing knowledge comes naturally.

Enel is a global company, which gives it an unusual cultural richness, but at the same time means it has to consider specific local needs in terms of business and skills. Training allows us to:

  • promote cultural development and the spread of Enel's values
  • facilitate people’s understanding of change and promote the company's vision
  • develop skills, awareness and a proactive attitude in every member of staff, helping them to make their contribution
  • promote the knowledge management system, fostering growth and helping people to carry out their role correctly.


In addition to the programmes developed to meet strategic and business needs, there are also  programmes targeted at new recruits.​ 

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