Leaders for a Day, Top STEM Girls


A day as a leader, an enjoyable and exciting experience, but above all a girls-only immersion in the world of work and Enel technologies at our Global Digital Solutions Division.

On 5 December, our offices in Rome hosted 14 students in their final two years of four secondary schools (two high schools, one in Rome and one in Terni, and two technical colleges in Naples and Rieti respectively) to be Leaders for a Day. We arranged for the girls to experience job shadowing (an immersive training activity), which allowed each of them to have a short, intense and close-up view of the way we work at our company. Guiding and mentoring the girls were the GDS Role Models, digital and ICT professionals who work at Enel’s Global Digital Solutions Division.

This girls-only initiative, in addition to bridging the gap between schools and the world of work, aims to enable girls who are nearing the moment in which they will have to choose which university course to pursue to discover the opportunities offered by technical academic disciplines, particularly the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and ICT (information and communication technologies).

After a brief welcome by Enel’s Head of Global Digital Solutions (GDS), Carlo Bozzoli, each student was assigned a tutor who had the task of introducing the “apprentice” into the daily mechanisms of her work. It was a real full immersion into the technological universe of various business lines and departments of our Group, from Global Thermal Generation to Renewables, from the innovations of the newcomer Enel X to Communication, up to the different aspects of GDS, touching on areas such as Cyber Security.

As stressed by Nicoletta Rocca, Head of People Organisation at Enel GDS, it was an experience for these fantastic young women to be able to see up close what it’s like to work in the technical area of a large company and the activities that our professionals do each day. Above all, it was a chance to showcase the opportunities that this type of work offers and where it can lead for these young girls, who were able to discover from the experience of their tutors how passion and work can come combine, find a perfect balance and strengthen each other.

At the end of the day, students and GDS Role Models met to take stock of the day: its value was summed up eloquently by the words the girls used to describe the experience: interaction, surprise, hidden abilities, dynamism, change, collaboration, construction, and commitment.

Leaders for a day is one of the initiatives promoted by our company with the aim of closing the gap between the world of education and the world of work by providing young people with the awareness and encouragement to build their own futures. The event on 5 December was organised together with Junior Achievement Italia, a non-profit organisation dedicated to economics and business education in schools, alongside which for four years now Enel has been promoting Girl in ICT day to promote STEM professions to girls.