A Story That Counts: that of people.


Innovation and infrastructure, but also training and new skills: our commitment to the energy transition cannot be separated from developing professions of the future, raising awareness among young people about career opportunities tied to renewables and giving them the necessary skills to enter the world of work right away.

It is exactly with this in mind that our Group, in collaboration with Roma Tre University and Aquila University, signed a protocol agreement with the goal of starting a Higher Education and Research Dual Apprenticeship Program with a start date of September 2023. This program is a highly innovative and personalized project that aims to enrich electrical engineering students’ academic breadth of learning with new training content relevant to the technological and digital transformation of the working world, particularly for sectors related to power generation and power grids.

The initiative provides for in-company employment with a permanent contract of Higher Education and Research Apprenticeship, specifically:

  • the hiring of 15 students in their third year of the Roma Tre University Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Program, where the program is currently in its third year
  • and of 15 students in their second year of the Aquila University Electrical Engineering Master’s Degree Program, where the program will be making its debut this year.

Through a synergistic collaboration between our Group and the academic world, which guarantees an alternation between study activities and work experiences to be carried out at our sites, the Higher Education and Research Dual Apprenticeship aims to offer students a training in line with the skills requested by the electrical energy sector, integrating university curriculum with developed content and educational labs and at the same time guaranteeing students a professional path where they can begin their career and find news opportunities for growth. For this reason, for the entire duration of the apprenticeship, the students will be supported by a university mentor and a company mentor both of whom will assist and guide them for the length of the program.

Interested students can submit their application from May 2 to June 30 by following the guidelines included in the relevant announcements. The winning candidates will be offered a Higher Education and Research Dual Apprenticeship contract, which will begin in September and conclude upon graduation within the normal duration of the course of study, and in any case no later than the end of April 2025.

In our Group, this program fits into the regulatory framework defined in the May 10, 2021 union agreement on Higher Education and Research Apprenticeships aimed at university-level courses (bachelor's, ITS, master's and doctoral degrees).

The Higher Education and Research Dual Apprenticeship will not be limited to the transmission of new skills, but thanks to the agreement with the academic world it represents a real ecosystem of training, orientation and professional insertion, to bring among young people a new awareness about the opportunities offered by the energy transition, and put them in a position to become protagonists in the sustainable development of society. A goal in which the commitment, preparation and enthusiasm of a new generation of professionals is indispensable.