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Join the team


The selection process, step by step

To become part of our team, candidates must follow a selection process that consists of some consecutive steps.

First of all, provide us with your CV: the best way to submit your application is to register on the dedicated platform.

This will enable you to manage your CV at a later date, modify it or update your information. 

We collect applications through job meetings, recruitment days and direct contact with schools and universities.

Each CV undergoes an objective assessment based on different criteria, such as:

  • school / college experience (qualifications, course duration, marks achieved)
  • work / internship experience
  • training periods or work experience abroad
  • specialisation courses
  • language skills
  • willingness to relocate nationally or internationally

Furthermore, consideration is taken as to whether the applicant belongs to a protected group.

Your resume represents the first point of contact with Enel: be sure to point out in the skills summary the experiences that you feel make you the right candidate. You can also opt to attach a short covering letter.

If your resume passes the first screening, you will be contacted for a brief telephone interview in order to collect more information and to schedule an appointment for a meeting.

Often, young graduates or recent graduates are invited to attend a session called the Assessment Centre: a methodology for assessing skills, attitudes, motivations and potential through a set of exercises for individuals and groups, during which scenarios are simulated to analyse, evaluate and identify applicants’ abilities to create solutions, make decisions, organise activities, put forward proposals or pitch projects. This is an important day in which the company and the candidate are in close contact and each party can determine whether they are well suited to working together successfully.

The more experienced candidates are invited to a personal interview, during which skills, previous experience and motivation are reviewed in depth.

The selection process includes a technical interview to verify the applicant’s expertise and ability to resolve critical issues.

The moment of truth comes with the feedback: after the interviews, the candidates are assessed and everyone is informed of the outcome of the selection. Candidates who have passed the selection process receive a formal job offer.

The process is a fully-fledged pathway that you can embark upon together with us: you can start today by sending a spontaneous application or by consulting the Jobs section in order to discover the open positions.

We’re waiting for you!

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