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Our commitment to energy freedom and Italian growth


How are renewables helping Italy achieve energy independence? How can a digital and resilient grid give Italians a leading role in the energy transition? And what actions are we taking to foster growth and development through partnerships with suppliers and businesses, and to promote initiatives to support people?

All these questions will be discussed in the podcast Cose Molto Energetiche by Gianpiero Kesten, creator of the successful podcast series Cose Molto Umane and Cose Molto Elettrificate. Over the course of six episodes we will answer all kinds of questions about the energy transition and its benefits for the planet, Italy and all of us.

It’s a fun, fast-moving podcast that’s useful for understanding today’s energy scenario. Here you can listen to the episodes of Cose Molto Energetiche.

Content available in Italian

Energy freedom: a dream or reality?

The energy transition is becoming increasingly important for energy independence and Italian growth. What are the actions that we can all take to speed it up? Find out in the first episode of the new series by Gianpiero Kesten, Cose Molto Energetiche.

Can we all become energy independent together?

There are more than one million private electricity production plants connected to the grid in Italy: energy producer-consumers are choosing cost effectiveness and contributing to the energy transition. Find out more in the second episode.

A question of reliability

What measures have been introduced to support customers in today’s energy scenario? What are we doing to incentivize households and businesses to use energy more efficiently and thereby contribute to the energy transition? Find out in the third episode.

Content available in Italian

Energie per la Scuola (Energy for Schools)

Training for the professions of the future starts at school, through a qualified and certified path involving students, schools, training organisations and our supplier companies.
 Find out in the last episode of the new series by Gianpiero Kesten, Cose Molto Energetiche.


Heard the term electrification but still not clear about what it means? Does the word decarbonization sound strange to you? Would you like to better understand how to be part of the energy transition?

We have the answers to your questions! Thanks to a collaboration with Gianpiero Kesten, creator of the successful podcast Cose Molto Umane, comes the spin-off Cose Molto Elettrificate. In six short episodes we clear up any doubts and explain in straightforward terms what the electrification of consumption is, the areas where it can be applied and the benefits it can bring to the planet (and, ultimately, to all humankind).

It’s an enjoyable and pacey podcast that introduces people to the world of electrification. Here you can listen to the episodes of Cose Molto Elettrificate, which are also available on the main podcast platforms.

Content available in Italian

What Electrification means

What are the tangible benefits that electrification brings to our day-to-day lives? Find out in the first episode.

Renewables: the winds of change?

Did you know that the energy you consume can be clean, sustainable and affordable? And that renewable energies are at the heart of electrification? Find out more in the second episode.

Surprises in the energy bill in 2022?

Imagine if locking something could actually be a way to increase freedom. Find out about the difference between the free market and the regulated market and how to avoid increases in your energy bill in this extra energetic episode.

Is it true that you can’t make a good cup of espresso on an induction hob?

How can you reduce consumption in your own home and make savings, thanks to the benefits of electrification? Find out in the fourth episode.

Electric mobility, not just scooters!

An electrifying experience: listen to the fifth episode to find out all about the benefits of electric mobility.

The future? It will be green, green, green!

How can we make the energy transition circular and what are the professional opportunities offered by the green economy? Find out now in the latest episode.

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