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We have been Italy’s largest electricity provider since 1962.

We have grown with the country, taking electricity all over the nation and in doing so, contributing to its economic and social development.
Today, we are one of the leading global operators in the electricity sector and in generation from renewable sources. Our offer ranges from domestic consumption and domotics solutions to public and private e-mobility, as well as new smart payment services. We have brought innovation to over 30 countries, starting with Italy, where we have deep roots. We are an open, flexible, innovative utility company actively driving the energy transition through a sustainable development model designed to leave no one behind. To continue to provide energy to serve people while protecting the environment and our Planet. To build a brighter future together.

Foto di Nicola Lanzetta Foto di Nicola Lanzetta

#EnelItalia, the power to look forward

Country Italy’s mission for sustainable growth

Foto di Francesco Starace Foto di Francesco Starace

The decade of electrification

The vision of Enel's CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace for continuing to create value for our country

Energy stories

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