An open, flexible and innovative utility that is able to drive the transition energy: we are one of the main global operators in the electricity and gas industries and in the integrated services sector

Since 1962 we've been Italy’s largest electricity company

We are one of the main global operators in the sectors of electricity, gas and integrated services.

In Italy we serve 27 million customers from a highly diversified portfolio of power plants: hydroelectric, thermoelectric, geothermic, wind and photovoltaic.

With the generation of energy from renewable sources we are contributing to ensuring sustainable development for the country.

More than half of our energy production comes from renewable sources and this share is set to increase, thanks to the innovative solutions that we are making available.

We are investing in digitalisation in order to improve the services offered to our customers.

We are working to offer services that have an added value, such as the possibility to control and manage consumption with an app, and flexible tariffs.

We are pioneers of electric mobility.

We are promoting the development of technologies and recharging systems for electric cars. We are also working  together with the leading automobile manufacturers in order to enlarge the charging infrastructure and promote the culture of sustainable mobility. By 2020 we aim to install around 7,000 charging stations and by 2022 around 14,000 for electric vehicles both in urban areas and beyond the confines of the city in order to facilitate long distance journeys.

For us innovation is strategic.

We are committed each day to a more innovative and sustainable use of energy: from decarbonisation to ultra broadband, electric mobility and smart homes.


#EnelItalia, the power to look forward

Country Italy’s mission for sustainable growth


Between renewable and digital

The vision of Enel's CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace for continuing to create value for our country

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