Sustainability: at the core of all our actions.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business model focused on the development of generation from renewable sources, the digitalisation of infrastructure and the electrification of final consumption. 

This integrated approach allows us to confirm our leadership in the energy transition: the "just transition" is the way to ensure that climate neutrality is achieved without leaving anyone behind

Our approach to sustainability is based on constant listening and open dialogue to best interpret the needs of all stakeholders - people, communities, customers, suppliers, institutions - so that the social, economic and environmental challenges posed by decarbonisation are addressed in compliance of everyone. Only together can we reach this goal. 

Our Group, included in the main sustainability ratings and indices, has been committed for years to contributing to global targets, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals), and to achieving Zero Emissions by 2040. 

We work every day along the entire value chain to build a more equitable and inclusive society, always taking into consideration the needs of our stakeholders, the protection of the environment and natural resources and sustainable economic growth. Joining the main Italian sustainability networks and the "Businesses for People and Society" Manifesto of UN Global Compact Network Italy confirms our commitment.

Our sustainable governance model

At the basis of our values is a solid ethical system oriented towards implementing the best governance practices at a national and international level that we adopt in all our activities, as well as in our relationships with all our stakeholders. 


“Sustainability is in our DNA: we implement it every day at the service of people and the country through constant dialogue with the territories we support along the entire energy transition path"

Nicolò Mardegan, Head of External Relations

Accessible and sustainable energy

Development of renewable sources, strengthening of electricity networks, solutions for energy efficiency: the heart of our commitment is clean electrification and accessible to all. This is why we are involved in partnership actions aimed at combating energy poverty through concrete initiatives. We also promote the synergy between citizens and businesses, local activities and territorial authorities, who choose to join together by creating Energy Communities with the aim of producing electricity together from renewable sources. 

Proximity to communities

We have always been close to the communities: we do it in many different ways by creating shared value and supporting the economic and social development of the country, through corporate volunteering activities and with our non-profit organization, Enel Cuore, to build together a more sustainable Italy and a future tailored to people. 

Enhancement of the territory

We are present in the area with our infrastructures and services, but also with development projects, environmental protection, valorization of Italian excellence, promotion of culture and sport.

Architectural and artistic lighting

Our innovative and energy-efficient solutions are designed to enhance the Italian monumental and artistic heritage and to improve the quality of life in our cities.


Protection of the environment and biodiversity

Preserving ecosystems and species means respecting life, the Earth's natural heritage and the symbolic places of communities. This is why we carry out projects dedicated to the protection of biodiversity in the areas in which we operate.


Our network in Italy 

Stakeholder network to support shared values.

The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation was created with the primary aim of contributing to the development in Italy of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative for the promotion of the culture of corporate citizenship promoted and managed on a global scale by the United Nations. 

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Fondazione Sodalitas is the reference partner for companies that consider sustainability a distinctive factor and integrate it into business strategies. It is committed to affirming and making recognizable the company's leadership in achieving sustainable development, building partnerships together with associated companies for the growth of the community, generating social value and contributing to a future of inclusion and development. 

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It aims to raise awareness of the importance of the 2030 Agenda by mobilizing society and institutions with the aim of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Cultural event that promotes opportunities for discussion between businesses and other social actors to support the organizations path towards increasingly responsible development.

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Non-profit association founded in 2001 and promoted by the Union of Industrialists and Businesses of Rome and Lazio which brings together companies to share the mission of spreading the culture of corporate social responsibility and sustainability among local businesses on an economic, social and environmental level.

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A network of large Italian companies that aims to guide an overall evolution of the Italian economy from a circular perspective to enhance our excellence, focusing on innovation, encouraging the sharing of experiences and good practices and promoting constant comparison for a new development model. 

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