Sustainability is value

Our Purpose

Open Power for a brighter future. We empower sustainable progress”: these words communicate our Purpose, the commitment we have made firstly to ourselves and secondly to all our stakeholders. As part of our Group’s strategy, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are an integral part of our business along the entire value chain.

Sustainability underpins the energy transition and has a two-fold part to play: it is not just an environmental goal but also a social one that will ensure no one gets left behind. This is the principle we adhere to in line with our ethos of making people our central focus. Our activities and the innovation that supports them are designed to create shared, sustainable value for all.


The 2020 Sustainability Report

This strategy is described in our 2020 Sustainability Report, a document that each year shows stakeholders exactly how sustainability and innovation are being translated into reality through our business strategy in all the markets where we are present.

An important new addition this year is EU Taxonomy: a classification of economy activities based on their level of sustainability.

With regards to the Italian scenario, the Sustainability Report dedicates ample space to the activities of Enel Cuore, the nonprofit organization we founded in 2003 to boost our commitment to social solidarity; this year, there is a special emphasis on initiatives launched in response to the healthcare crisis caused by the pandemic.


Integrated reporting

The 2020 Sustainability Report is an integral part of our reporting, thanks to an innovative approach implemented last year based on our deeply-held convictions that sustainability is value, something that has been demonstrated by the economic and financial data.

From this perspective, as was the case in 2019, we adopted an new layout for the 2020 Integreted Annual Financial Report, wherewe integrated financial and non-financial information. This allowed us to draw direct connections between the Group’s economic and business performance and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.

The Financial Report and the Sustainability Report are complemented by the 2020-2022 Sustainability Plan, which has at its heart the battle against climate change (SDG 13 – Climate action) through the phase-out of coal from the energy mix by constantly growing our renewable capacity (SDG 7 – Access to clean energy) and the electrification of consumption. Enabling factors include infrastructure and networks (SDG 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure), as well as ecosystems and platforms (SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities). A sustainable supply chain, solid governance, health and safety at work, and a focus on the environment complete the Group’s sustainable strategy, ensuring a contribution is being made to achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Alongside documents in traditional format, Enel’s reports are also available in an integrated, searchable form. This means that anyone can choose the areas they are interested in and then examine the reporting on that in detail, resulting in a very personal investigative process. We have enabled this personalised way of accessing the reports in order to reach a wider readership and make all our Group’s information more accessible to all. 

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