Sustainability, growth and shared value

Sustainability, growth and shared value


Sustainability, technological innovation and the energy transition: these are the cornerstones that we base our business model on and with which we want to contribute to creating an even more equitable, safe, supportive and inclusive society together with our stakeholders.

Our Purpose “Open Power for a brighter future: we empower sustainable progress” encapsulates the mission, vision and values that guide the Group and motivate our people every day.


Our commitment to the 2030 Agenda

To respond to the global challenge of climate change, we want to concretely and actively contribute with our business strategy to reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Specifically, we are working directly on 4 SDGs that guide our value creation:

  • SDG 7: “Affordable and Clean Energy”
  • SDG 9: “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”
  • SDG 11: “Sustainable Cities and Communities”
  • SDG 13: “Climate Action”


Beyond Reporting 2022

Our strategy, which includes environmental, social and governance factors (ESGs) throughout the entire value chain, is reported through a new digital reporting platform, Beyond Reporting 2022, an interactive tool that guides users in a clear and engaging way during their exploration of our sustainable and integrated business model and explains the Group’s decision-making and reporting processes, taking into consideration the expectations of all stakeholders.

The 2022 Sustainability Report is positioned within this overall reporting using an innovative approach which combines performance analysis in the economic, financial, social, environmental and governance realms to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of our commitment to sustainable growth in both the medium-term and long-term.

This strategy is reflected in the Sustainability Plan for 2023-2025, defined in relation to the results of the materiality analysis and in synergy with the Strategic Plan. Central to the plan is our ambition to reach zero emissions by 2040, thanks to our sustainable business model based on the development of power generation from renewable sources, enabled by grid security and reliability and with the aim of clean electrification of consumption by customers.

In this model, innovation, digitalization, circular economy and sustainable finance act transversally and synergistically to accelerate growth based on solid governance and respect for nature and human rights as a required responsibility towards the planet and future generations.