Everything you need to know about the energy scenario

What are the measures to support consumers?

Our Group is enacting government and regulatory measures to reduce the costs of electricity and natural gas for consumers, beginning with the most vulnerable groups and with businesses. The measures include the electricity and gas social bonus for families that are experiencing financial or physical hardship, the tax credit for businesses introduced in the D.L Aiuti (“Help Decree”) legislation and the possibility to pay invoices in installments. In addition to the government’s measures, Enel Energia has introduced the possibility to pay invoices issued from January 2022 onwards in installments without any initial deposit, with a minimum interest rate in up to 12 equal monthly payments, allowing our customers to chose the solution that best suits their needs.


Have the increases generated extra profits for the Enel Group?

No, the current increases in bills have not generated extra profits for our Group. Enel Energia sells energy to its own customers well in advance of the delivery date, ensuring for those customers who have stipulated a fixed price, a bill price of the energy component and the raw material gas that is significantly lower than market prices. This energy is derived mainly from three sources: production from renewable energy plants, production from thermoelectric plants, and purchases on the energy market. Of these three, only the first has remained immune from the effects of the rising price of gas, while the other two have seen an increase in the supply of energy for our Group.


Why can renewables be the solution?

The development of renewables is a solution to high utility bills, because it makes Italy more energy independent, by decreasing the import of fuels and gas in particular. A greater production of energy from renewable sources brings numerous benefits in economic, environmental and social terms.

Starting with a reduction in the price of electricity. Italy has already been on this path for some time: if we had not started ten years ago, today's increase in the price of electricity would be 10-15% higher.                              

Currently, over 55% of our total managed capacity in Italy – a total of approximately 14,600 MW – is already made up of renewable plants, divided between hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and photovoltaic.

Reducing the use of fossil fuels in favour of renewables means accelerating the energy transition, responding to the challenges of climate change and ensuring sustainable development and equal access to energy.

For this reason, we are committed to the development of numerous projects, both for the construction of new renewable plants and for the repowering (increasing the efficiency and power) of existing ones.


What are the benefits of the electrification of consumption?

The electrification of final consumption, or the progressive use of electricity from renewable sources in services and activities which, until now, have been mainly powered by fossil fuels, is a key factor for the energy independence of our country, bringing environmental, economic and social benefits. Electricity can be generated from renewable sources with zero emissions: it is a high-performance energy carrier and is therefore the most efficient energy solution.


What does the energy transition mean?

The energy transition is the shift from the use of fossil fuels to energy produced from renewable sources, which goes hand in hand with a notable reduction in emissions and an increase in efficiency. This revolution is now irreversible and involves all aspects and stakeholders in the energy system.

Our Group is driving this change, putting sustainability at the center of all our activities with the aim of shaping a business model based on the development of renewables, upgrading the electricity grids and creating a new energy paradigm.


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