New words for a new energy

Words can change the world – or tell the story of one that has changed, like the world of energy. The different forms and uses of energy have multiplied, developing in thousands of directions and opening up new possibilities.

So let’s start over with the words that must become standard practice, to get our bearings in this scenario. What are they? Sustainability and innovation, guiding us in the energy transition to shape a future that is more inclusive for people.

We are telling this story in a brand new way, through the creativity of some renowned Italian artists and illustrators who have reinterpreted the words of the new energy. Perhaps beauty will not save the world, but there is nothing like art to show us what makes it better.


We contribute every day, in all of our activities, to tackling the challenges of the climate emergency. We have placed sustainability at the heart of our corporate culture because we believe that being responsible today means being competitive tomorrow. Investing in the environment is investing in the future

Rethinking, reinventing and sharing in a circular way means innovating on a human-sized scale. The circular economy is not just a concept linked to recycling and reuse, but a way of interpreting change for society as a whole: a vision that combines innovation and sustainability in the name of efficiency and competitive advantage

We go back to the local territory and encourage innovation, energy efficiency and digitalization to boost competitiveness in agriculture. The “Il sistema agricolo” program promotes renewable energy sources – photovoltaic in particular – and helps draw value from agricultural land and forests thanks to redevelopment initiatives

We work with the United Nations to achieve sustainable development. The 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals guide our strategy, and we are directly committed to four of them: SDG#7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG#9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), SDG#11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG#13 (Climate Action)

Energy transition

Tackling climate change requires not only a new strategy, but a cultural shift that implies a more extensive use of electric energy: mobility, domestic heating and industrial processes that do not yet use electricity could do so, if it were more competitive and accessible

Electricity is the energy of the future: it fosters sustainability and technological innovation, and therefore economic growth. Power generation that is increasingly renewable and a progressive penetration of electricity will enable the decarbonization of the economy’s most polluting sectors as well as a more efficient use of our resources

The energy transition also depends on the innovation of energy storage systems that is increasing the capacity of batteries and making them more reliable for storing energy produced but not immediately consumed. This makes it possible to overcome the intermittence of some renewable energy sources (solar and wind power) that results from the unpredictability of weather conditions or the alternation between day and night

The Green New Deal, which was initially launched in the United States, has become synonymous with the European Commission’s plan to tackle climate change and make Europe the planet’s first zero emissions area by 2050. The watchwords? Renewable energies and energy efficiency

Hydrogen is an element that is abundant in nature and can play a determining role in the generation of energy in the future: green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable sources, can become an accelerator of the energy transition. For this reason we are investing in new pilot plants around the world

The sun, the wind, the earth and water are the present and the future of energy: they have enabled us to become the world’s leading private producer of renewable energies. We are maintaining this position by innovating in every sector and by never ceasing to look towards the future

Climate change is this century’s main global challenge. Our business model is in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement to eliminate CO2 emissions: we are working each day with a commitment to decarbonize our energy mix by 2050

Climate change represents a challenge but also an incredible opportunity, because renewables and the penetration of electricity contribute in a significant way to social growth and economic development. Sustainability and innovation are the right formula to create shared value


Our Open Power values guide us towards a development model that puts people at the center in the name of diversity and inclusion. The communities in which we operate, the customers for whom we develop innovative products and services, and the people who work with us play a crucial role in changing the world of energy

Enel Cuore is the charitable organization our Group created to support initiatives for solidarity, inclusion and the social promotion of non-profit organizations. From “Fare Scuola” to “Viva gli Anziani”, we stand alongside the communities where we operate through numerous projects, for a new culture of social solidarity

Four letters, one pathway to the future. Two thirds of the professions of tomorrow will involve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, yet too few girls choose to pursue studies in these fields. We offer special initiatives to narrow this gender gap, from Women in Tech to Tech Talks

We are Open Power: we are open, global and innovative. Our energy is that of the people who are able to work as a team and look to the future with different passions, cultures and experiences in order to do extraordinary things together

We give our clients energy with flexible and integrated solutions tailored to their needs. We focus on innovation and energy efficiency and we supply people with the tools that enable them to become increasingly aware and active. We are the right choice for a sustainable future

We transform energy into new opportunities, guaranteeing both reliability and transparency. Thanks to digital innovation, we can combine personalization and sustainability in an integrated ecosystem of products and services alongside people and the environment

Creating and developing a network of contacts is increasingly important when it comes to promoting and enhancing virtuous actions. Talking to others and exchanging ideas offer precious opportunities for improvement. We believe that sharing and listening can drive change

A road map for the future based on sustainable and innovative investments, with people and local communities at the center. These levers can create a fairer and more inclusive development model that will help the country restart. We look ahead with all our energy

Osmosis and cross-contamination unleash creativity and foster a positive working environment made of exchange and inclusion. #TalentoInEnel (Talent at Enel) is a pre-requirement to provide value through the greatest possible expression of one’s energy. Our power is shaping the energy of the future with everybody’s creative force and drive