Environmental protection: Enel policy

Environmental protection: Enel policy


Enel’s environmental policy is underpinned by four principles. The first: protect the environment by predicting possible impacts. The second: improve and promote environmental sustainability of our products and services. The third: create shared value for the company and stakeholders. The fourth: meet our legal compliance obligations and voluntary commitments by promoting an ambitious approach to environmental management.

These guidelines were set out for the first time in 1996 when our Group adopted its own environmental policy and laid out 10 strategic goals


Our environmental goals

Thanks to the adoption of specific indices, we are able to measure the environmental performance of the entire organisation, with the aim of driving ongoing improvement, in line with internationally-recognised Environmental Management Systems (for instance, by complying ISO 14001 certification), and also by exploring digital asset management-based solutions. 

During plant construction, operations and the dismantling phases, we employ the most advanced technologies and best practices to reduce the environmental impacts, always from a life-cycle perspective. This means we avoid the consequences of interventions that automatically impact on other phases of the process. When we build infrastructure or buildings, safeguarding the local area and its biodiversity is always a priority. We are also committed to attaining leadership in renewable resources and low-emissions electricity generation, as well as the efficient use of energy resources, water and raw materials. By promoting circular economy initiatives, we are able to optimally manage waste and effluent, benefiting from the development of innovative environmental technologies. 

Our strategy is not confined merely to the evaluation of environmental impacts but also aims to involve people working at Enel, for Enel and with Enel. In addition to educating our employees about environmental issues and raising their awareness of the subject, we also promote sustainable practices for our suppliers, contractors and customers, with the aim of not merely meeting our legal compliance obligations but actually exceeding them (overcompliance). All of the results achieved are communicated to stakeholders through our Sustainability Report, in line with our Open Power vision and inspired by the principle of Creating Shared Value (CSV).

Download the Enel Environmental Policy document, which was updated in February 2018, and don’t forget that we can all do a little more every day to safeguard resources and thereby improve the quality of our lives and the environment we live in.